Laatukeskus Excellence Finland

Bronze Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Not for profit sector
We do what we teach

We do not only teach others about quality management and excellence, but also practice it ourselves. Our process based management system is ISO9001 certified and as been awarded with EFQM Recognised for Excellence 4 stars. We continuously improve ourselves to better serve our members.

Nearly 500 organisations as members

Our strong membership base allows us to effectively execute our mission. Our members range from large multinational companies to cities and municipalities and SMEs. This unique network adds a lot of value to our activities as we are able to facilitate benchmarking and share best practices.

We promote innovation globally

In 10 years we have built Quality Innovation Award into a global competition of innovations. We had over 350 innovations from 12 contries particiate in 2016 and expect the numbers to grow even more in the future. This unique network of innovators and our polished innovation assessment process make Quality Innovation Award a very unique service.

Our name requires us to do what we teach. Quality has always stood for effectiveness and productivity. However the world now is very different than when Henry Ford streamlined his production lines. Quality is ever evolving and cannot be defined too strictly anymore. Today's quality is also about risk management, sustainability, transparency and agility through the entire organisation. We believe that in the future quality management will have a more and more central role in the competitiveness of organisations. CEO Tani Järvinen
What defines us.
We promote excellence in leadership
Finland's competitiveness improves through quality
Excellence - We are the standard-bearer for excellence in Finland. We develop ourselves and others to reach our goal of excellence.
Cooperation - We operate both nationally and internationally as an active builder of networks. We also function as Finland’s messenger in quality affairs.
Honesty - All our activities are deeply rooted in honesty, fairness and transparency, about which we make no compromises.
Well-being - A competent, motivated and contented personnel forms an excellent cornerstone for our operations. Our activities aim to create well-being also outside our association.
Our core business

Laatukeskus Excellence Finland is the national quality association of Finland and the national partner of EFQM. Founded over 50 years ago we help our members and clients build success stories and improve their competitiveness. We have awarded the Finnish Quality Award since 1991 and trained tens of thousands of professionals in quality...

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Our products and services

The core activities of Laatukeskus Excellence Finland are training and other events, consulting, the global innovation competition Quality Innovation Award and EFQM and CAF based assessment services. We also provide membership services for our members, such as networking.

Our people

Laatukeskus Excellence Finland directly employs 14 staff and we have several dozen consultants and trainers in our network. Our members include over 450 organisations and 500 individual members. As an association we also have volunteer club activity all around Finland.

Company Data
SectorNot for profit
Size of the organisation< 250 employees
LocationEspoo, Finland
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