Geriatrische Gesundheitszentren der Stadt Graz

Platinum Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Healthcare sector
Graduated geriatric care

Perhaps our most essential key achievement is our graduated care structure. This means that we provide treatment and care that covers almost all of the healthcare needs of elderly people. Over the past 15 years, we have expanded our portfolio from 2 to nearly 20 services. Thanks to this extensive service portfolio, as our patients’ healthcare...

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Optimum, patient-centred treatment

In line with our slogan, “With us, people are in the best of hands”, our patients’ needs and interests are the focus of all of our efforts. To avoid the doctor-centred “specialist” approach that sometime characterises healthcare, we assemble interdisciplinary teams, which work together with the patients or residents, as well as their families or...

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Life-phase-oriented employee development

As a service provider, we recognise that our most important resource is our staff. Without highly trained and motivated employees, we cannot hope to achieve our goal of providing the best possible healthcare for our customers. Of course, the complex and dynamic nature of the field of healthcare demands that we continuously adapt our care...

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4th-generation nursing homes

Drawing on our many years of experience, in 2012 we embarked on a plan to establish what we call “fourth-generation nursing homes”. These nursing homes consist of small living units for 12-15 residents, which feature mostly single-bed rooms, private spaces for quiet time, and a central living zone for shared living, which is supervised by a...

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On our journey towards excellence, we reached a stage some years ago where we were searching for a management system that would help us continue to improve and move forward. The EFQM model, the feedback from the assessments, and integrating this comprehensive approach into our strategy and daily operations have helped us take the next steps on our way to becoming a leading competence centre for geriatric medicine and care, and we look forward to continued improvements.
What defines us.
The GGZ are a leading competence centre for geriatric medicine and care in Europe.
We, the employees of the GGZ, provide optimised medical, nursing, psychosocial and spiritual care and treatment to the people who place their trust in us, by applying scientific knowledge, experience and innovation.
• We provide individualised treatment and care for elderly people with competence and compassion.
• We respect the autonomy and personalities of the people who place their trust in us.
• We treat each other with respect, and our leaders support and encourage our employees.
• Through our sustainable actions, we make a valuable contribution to society.
• We manage our organisation based on the principles of economic efficiency, thrift, and adequacy of purpose while reflecting ethical values.
• We are personally committed to fulfilling our duties, both independently and as a team.
Our core business

The mandate of the Geriatric Health Centres of the city of Graz (GGZ) is to enhance the quality of life for elderly people and provide for a dignified aging. We offer treatment and care primarily for elderly people, concentrating on three core business areas: the Albert Schweitzer Clinic (geriatric hospital), nursing homes and day care centres,...

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Our products and services

Our services comprise inpatient, day-patient and, increasingly, outpatient care, and range from short visits to multi-year stays. Our hospital contains 325 beds with specialisations in internal medicine, neurology and medical geriatrics, with a hospice also located at the clinic. In addition, we feature four nursing homes with around 100 beds...

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Our people

From our leaders to our front-line caregivers, our team of around 650 highly qualified and motivated employees is dedicated to working together to provide optimum care and treatment. One essential element of our organisation is a deep commitment to collaborating across disciplines and fostering a vibrant communication among all areas and levels...

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Company Data
Size of the organisationBetween 250 & 1000 employees
LocationGraz, Austria
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