Hospital La Vega

Bronze Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Healthcare sector
Referrals in private health care

Hospital leader in professionals, means and resources in the Region. Wide portfolio of services.

Powerful outpatient service area.

More than 30 medical-surgical specialties which generate an average of 700 consultations per day.


There is a trend in care results in relation to production, performance, quality and clinical efficiency.

Superb work team

High technical qualification, experience and professional talent

“The EFQM recognition is a milestone on our way to excellence.”
What defines us.
Hospital La Vega will be the reference private hospital in the Region of Murcia and neighboring provinces, in several areas of health care such us obstetrics and gynaecology, cardiovascular surgery, assisted reproduction, ophthalmology and different surgical specialties.
To be recognized for our quality in health care, respect and sustainability of the environment, commitment to safety in the work environment, personal and professional development of its worker, as well as the consolidation of a safe environment for patients.
Satisfy the health care needs of our users, helping to prevent and recover the basic balance of health with a personalized and integral assistance.
Close attention and ethical behaviour with customers, being truthful, keeping the contractual commitments and regarding the customer’s interests as ours.
Personal and professional development, promotion and recognition of people who make up our team.
Open, sincere, reciprocal and continuous horizontal and vertical communication throughout the organization.
Develop the activity with maximum respect for environment.
Our core business

From its origin in 1964, Hospital La Vega has offered the society of Murcia a high quality health care, highlighting and being socially recognized for it in the gynaecological and maternal-child area. A 100% volume of facilities and services have been increased in the Hospital in the last 5 year enhancing its surgical area, emergency area,...

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Our products and services

Hospital La Vega provides 111 rooms, 11 operating theatres, 4 maternity wards, hemodynamic unit, 6 boxes in ICU, 9 emergency boxes. It divides its services in three blocks: care services, central services and differentiated units. The hospital has a powerful outpatient services area with more than 30 medical-surgical specialties.

Our people

The number of employees and collaborators is about 900 people. The Human Resources policy is marked by the Equality Plan implemented at the Hospital and by the Business Agreement approved in 2013. Both are advocated to reward motivation, productivity and initiative at work.

Company Data
Size of the organisationBetween 250 & 1000 employees
LocationMurcia, Spain
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