Tarsus Belediyesi

Gold Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Public sector
Municipal Campus

Tarsus Municipality in the city centre until 2005 was giving service in a total covered area of 5,909 m², 4 floors and 75 rooms, in vehicle and traffic noise, inefficient and useless work environment with small rooms. Archive and storage were not sufficient in this building, and there was only one meeting room that did not respond to the needs....

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Business Development Centers (İŞGEM) is an important job creation model for supporting the development of small entrepreneurs and facilitate business start-ups to the survival of the company and to increase the growth opportunities. İŞGEM can be considered as Business Incubation or SME Nursery where services are provided to new businesses within...

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Restoration Work

Tarsus is a historical city with archaeological excavations, 10,000 years of uninterrupted life and traces of many civilizations. These lands, which many civilizations left behind, also have an important value in terms of religious tourism with the fact that 3 semavi religions is the meeting point. It's the birthplace of St. Paul who is working...

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PEGATARSUS Leadership Program aims to create a common understanding and approach in leadership and management and establish a common leadership culture by identifying the existing situation and improving it in Tarsus Municipality. Program covers the Mayor, Deputy Majors, all directors and managers in TB (60 people).
Program consists of...

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QDMS Integrated Management System

It is the first and most effective software used in our institution since 2008. Following the Quality Management System, it provided speed and convenience in the transition to Total Quality Management and in the implementation phase of the EFQM Excellence Model. It has been provided for the realization of our organization targeted qualification...

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Quality Development Groups

In 2006, a Quality Improvement Board Directive was prepared and it was decided to be implemented in all directorates in order to establish a culture of improvement and systematize the planned improvements. The Quality Improvement Group is established in each directorate and the unit manager is the leader of the group. If there is manager and /...

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The most important driving force to start our journey to excellence was to provide faster and better quality services to citizens. Therefore, we have started to work for a municipality to be governed by systems not by people. In 2008, we participated to the National Quality Movement conducted by KalDer, Turkish Society for Quality. Then, we received Committed to Excellence in 2009, Recognised for Excellence (4 stars) in 2010, won the National Quality Prize in 2012 and Award in 2013, we continuously improved our processes and services. After that we have been the member of EFQM and has won the EEA 2016 Finalist Award.We are contining our excellence joruney with the application of EAA 2017.
What defines us.
Our vision is to create an understanding of municipality management which will be a model for all local governments by preserving national and moral values.
The mission is to:
-provide local services in a timely and fair manner, fast, economic way
-deliver plans and projects with environmentally friendly, emphasis on architectural aesthetics and considering social interests
-protect natural, historical and cultural heritage
-provide adequate green spaces, sport areas and social facilities
-take care of the poor and disadvantaged social groups,
The values of Tarsus Municipality are defined as Transparency, Nationalism, Diligence, Justice, Integrity, Modernity, Developmentism, Participation and Competitiveness.
Our core business

The services provided by the municipality are development and urban planning, geographic and urban information systems,environment and health, cleaning, municipal police, parks and green spaces, urban transformation, culture and art, tourism and promotion, social services and assistance, marriage, vocational and technical training, support for...

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Our products and services

The main services provided are waste collection and environmental management services, social and cultural services, services for rural areas, park and green area services, services contributing to local economy, services for persons with disabilities.
Our products are women shelter house, nursing home, vocational eduvation center,...

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Our people

There are 803 people working at Tarsus Municipality. According to the law the people are categorize as officer, contracted officer, worker and subcontracted workers.

Company Data
Size of the organisationBetween 250 & 1000 employees
LocationTarsus-Mersin, Turkey
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