Direção Regional de Organização e Administração Pública

Bronze Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Public sector
Regional Autonomy

To defend Regional power and Autonomy as a form of develop the possibilities and competencies of the Azores.

Improvement of Public Services

We strengthen the process of continuous improvement of servicesprovided and their interaction with the citizen.

Resource management

We want to provide the Regional Administration with the technical and legal means that enable an integrated management of available resources.

Technical and legal support

We support the services of the Regional and Local Public Administration in the legal, financial and territorial planning areas.

The Regional Public Administration and, in particular, this Regional Directorate, is committed to continue a process of continuous improvement, embodied, in particular, by projects for qualification and valorisation of its human resources, self-assessment with widespread use of the CAF tool, Its functioning and organization and evaluation by the citizens, all contributing to a management by objectives, which puts the citizen of the regional public service at the center of our concerns. That's the main reason that makes the EFQM recognition as well as the certification of our quality management system fundamental instruments for our performance, seeking excellence every day in our work.
What defines us.
We want to be a reference service in the effectiveness and efficiency of public management.
Our Mission is to promote, monitor, coordinate and execute measures of excellence that allows the continuous improvement of the
Autonomous Region of the Azores, at the service of the citizen.
Our work is guided by 5 fundamental values: Cohesion, Effectiveness, Ethics, Partnership and Quality.
Our core business

Our main role is to Implement policy measures in the modernization and effectiveness of regional public administration and in facilitating their relationship with the citizens. Within the framework of the articulation between the Regional Government and the local authorities, as well as in the matter of census and elections, we execute the...

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Our products and services

Shortly, our P&S are: effectively manage, in a centralized manner, the Human Resources of the Public Administration Services of the Autonomous Region of the Azores; suport technically the regional and local administration in the legal, financial, organizational and management areas; and
organize Regional Legislative Elections and...

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Our people

In our company works 42 employees: the Regional Director; 2 Services Directors; 6 Heads of Service; 27 Superior Technicians (including 3 IT specialists); 6 Technical Assistents.

Company Data
Size of the organisation< 250 employees
LocationAngra do Heroísmo, Portugal
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