Industrias Lácteas Monteverde, S.A.

Bronze Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Food & Beverage sector
What defines us.
ission statement
What is the purposeof the company?
“The development and operation of cattle raising and farming activities, manufacturing and marketing of dairy products in general, as well as all manner of other food products”.
What doesthe company want to achieve?
To become a benchmark of maximum quality for its clients, consumers, staff, suppliers, farmers, colleagues and in general for all groups of social interest.
To apply quality to the product, service, professionalism in negotiations, strict compliance with commitments, and preservation of the environment.
To become a source of motivation for those that form a direct part of it (employees, shareholders ...) and a source of pride for those who live nearby (family, local and regional administration,local inhabitants ...)
To create an external image that faithfully reflectsthe company’s inner reality.
What are the ethical principles that underpin our company?
What are the ethical principles that underpin our company?
Constant concern for employment levels in an area devoid of other industries or activities.
Commitment to occupational health and safety.
Sacrifice of profitability to moral integrity.
Our core business

In Industrias Lácteas Monteverde we offer high quality products, due to the selection of the best raw materials for their preparation and manufacturing. The qualities of the high mountain pastures and the astur symbiosis of the dairy cattle to beef cattle, allow the obtainment of one of the richest and with better properties cow milks in the...

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Our products and services

Tres Oscos: Cheeses with smooth fresh flavours, made with selected milk from cows that are strictly monitored by Monteverde,cows that eating healthy food and live a healthy life.This is how TresOscos guarantees all steps in the process: from the origin of the raw material to the manufacturing process and subsequent distribution

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Our people

Number of employees: 50

Company Data
SectorFood & Beverage
Size of the organisation< 250 employees
LocationAsturias, Spain
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