Hospital Moncloa

Gold Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Healthcare sector

Since 2000 Moncloa University Hospital develop a great number of management tools. We begin with the ISO 9001, later ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, the Spanish rule about social responsibility SGE 21, Madrid Excelente, ICTE rule about Quality healthcare tourism. But the real management tool has been the EFQM model that has been used for the last 15...

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From the beginning of our hospital we were commitment to be a medical school, and teach the future medical and nurses graduates. We achieve our goal to be a University Hospital, first we obtained the nurse degree and later the medical
From the beginning of our hospital we were committed to a medical school, to give the best medical and...

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We believe that the research that must be carried out now is one that combines the basic activity with the clinics we are committed to Translational Medicine
To do this we created the research and innovation department, to coordinate, supervise and encourage the research work of the professionals of the Moncloa University Hospital. It...

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We do our evaluation in the EFQM model, but patient centered and focused on evaluating the care processes. The objectives are not only to evaluate our organization, but to provide education and “good practice” guidance that will help staff continually improve the organization’s performance.
Health care safety and quality are interrelated...

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Association of good clinical practice with scientific knowledge today has been shown to be essential but not sufficient. Moreover, in the opinion of our professionals, what today separates a good clinical practice from an excellent practice, is not only the level of scientific knowledge and experience, but also the organizational and operational...

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For Moncloa University Hospital, excellence is a way of life. Whether it is in the field of clinical services, patient care, customer relationship, human capital development, social responsibility, or financial growth, all levels of the organization are always striving to achieve continuous improvement. The achievements of the past years, the financial performance, the trophies and certificates won are all testaments to this Commitment to Excellence.
What defines us.
We want to be a world class health care hospital, with the best technological equipment, innovative management and a permanent search for improvement of our results.
We want to be a top-quality center for training of medicine students and of post grade medical doctors, and one of the most important research centers in Spain.
Our commitment is to improve health care for our patients, in association with our stakeholders, by improving our commitments as a health care organization to achieve excellence in providing safe and effective care of the highest quality and value, with the aim of contributing to the improvement of the health of society.
The achievement of the vision that is intended must be realized from the observation of a series of values and principles of action that, in addition to being consistent with it, should serve as springs to favor its attainment.
Therefore, in addition to the vision, it is necessary to establish in the form of commitments the values that should inspire our actions. In short, we should not forget that excellent organizations are recognized for their values rather than for their results.
1) Patient orientation; The patient is the center of all our performances.
2) Quality; The best results. The excellence.
3) Efficiency; Use our resources more appropriately.
4) Respect; To the people, the environment and the environment.
5) Commitment together, We work as a team to achieve our goals.
6) Communication and involvement of all.
7) Professional and personal development.
Our core business

Moncloa University Hospital is the main center of the HLA Hospital Group that offers world-class healthcare to our patients.
Another hallmark of the Moncloa University Hospital is our commitment to the continuous improvement of its management and its results. In 2001, the Moncloa University Hospital decided to adopt the EFQM model as a...

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Our products and services

The Moncloa University Hospital HLA offers advanced facilities and infrastructure and allows all us to answer to the health demand of our users with a top quality of healthcare. The Hospital building has six floors with 230 single rooms, 12 suites with lounge, 13 posts attention, 14 surgical theaters, 2 delivery rooms, 39 healthcare units of...

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Our people

The University Hospital HLA Moncloa has 510 employees on staff and another 300 physicians that came to our hospital to care of his patients. The Moncloa University people are our most important value, that´s why we can give top class healthcare, with the best professionals.

Company Data
Size of the organisationBetween 250 & 1000 employees
LocationMadrid, Spain
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