Colegio San José de La Salle

Bronze Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Education sector
Perish in time more than 127 years

Founded in 1890 by the Congregation of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, following the philosophy of the Holy Founder Saint John Baptist De La Salle. It is a private institution with an educational offer from Preschool to Eleventh; Belongs to the Lasallian Norandino District (Medellín, Ecuador and Venezuela). The training imparted in values...

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Feasibility of the Educational Project

Articulated with the Strategic Plan 2016-2021, the PEI marks the way forward in the Institution developing under the 4 steps proposed by the Ministry of National Education, namely: Management, academic, administrative and projection to the community; The viability of which is due to the relevance of the curriculum consistent with the educational...

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Social projection

The Social Management is a part of the Youth and Vocation Ministry that in the deployment of the Mission and the Values, supports Human and Christian formation with the charism of Saint John Baptist De La Salle, which proposes an accompaniment to the most needy. It is a practice that is developed in the District geography involving interest...

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11 years category A + Tests Saber 11th

The Saber 11 tests are an external indicator established by the Ministry of National Education through the Colombian Institute for the Promotion of Higher Education (ICFES) that shows through institutional and territorial results how the training provided by the school is positively impacting learning And the level of cognitive development of...

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EFQM Recognition, Level R4E 3 ***

Articulated with the key factor of work of the Administrative Pastoral Recognized by Excellence of the District Project 2012 - 2015 and with the Quality Policy ... has defined Quality and Excellence as a fundamental part of the strategy of its educational, administrative mission And vocational , the Excellence Management System is deployed...

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Shared Leadership

The College displays its leadership from the pastoral structure, a guideline emanating from the District House and directed by the Rector, whose management mainstream all institutional processes. Each Pastoral has a leader, who in turn responds by working groups, according to the organizational structure. 4 managers are identified: Rector,...

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Doing things right as it should and getting better.
What defines us.
In 2021, the commitment to training in values, academic quality and excellence in management will be ratified and will be identified by processes in research, projection, social, use of technologies and responsibility with the environment.
The San José De La Salle School seeks human, Christian and academic formation for children and young people, in the style of the charism of Saint John Baptist De La Salle, according to the exigencies of the context, to deliver Lasallian leaders at the service of society
5 values ​​give identity to the College:
Faith - Recognize Jesus Christ as the way, the truth and life. And the Holy Spirit as wisdom and strength to know how to make decisions and fulfill them, Fraternity - It is the hand that extends in a plan of frank equality to share with others the goods, joy, sorrows, talents, requires openness, dialogue, Delivery, understanding and acceptance, Service - It is every action that is performed in favor of the person, especially the most needy in society, Justice - the will to give each one what corresponds to him according to human nature seeking An equitable relationship with others and Commitment - obligation acquired in baptism and through which we collaborate in building the Kingdom of God with other people.
Our core business

Comprehensive training in values ​​for children and young people based on the De La Salle doctrine as a contribution to social transformation in all times.

Our products and services

The main service of our institution, in the integral formation, adding value to this one with the services of restaurant and school transport, extracurricular activities (sports, artistic, academic supports, among others), School of Leadership Training, application of Sacraments Of the Eucharist and Confirmation).

Our people

It has a payroll of 125 employees distributed by estates:
Teachers: 62, Administrators: 14, General Services (Maintenance, transport, restaurant): 44, Executives: 4, Brothers (religious): 1. This staff is the result of a careful selection process according to the description of the position profile And the Human Talent Management procedure.

Company Data
Size of the organisation< 250 employees
LocationMedellín, Colombia
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