Fundación Red Apoyo a la Integración Sociolaboral

Bronze Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Not for profit sector
Housing First

The Habitat programme, based on the Housing First model, provides nowadays homes and support to 64 persons in Barcelona, Madrid, Zaragoza,
Córdoba, Sevilla, Málaga and Avilés.
The first assessment of Habitat in 2015 (based on 38 persons in Barcelona, Madrid and Málaga) showed that over 90% of participants have kept their homes...

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Hate crimes against homeless persons

We promote Hatento, the observatory of hate crimes against homeless persons and carried out a study demostrating that one out of every three homeless persons has received insults or humiliating treatment and that one in five has been physically assaulted

#PersonasdeCartón campaign

Through the #PersonasdeCartón campaign we brough the reality of homeless persons closer to the citizenry in an innovative manner. Moncloa video has accumulated over 100,000 views. Over 130 iompacts have been generated in information media and 92 displays of the Piel de cartón (CardBoard Skin) advert on television.

At RAIS Fundación we believe non-profit organisations should be accountable to society as a whole. We are committed to transparency. For these reasons, since 2012 we decided to get to grips with putting in place the EFQM quality system, by improving the information systems for the people helped, optimising the internal organisation and updating the communication tools.
What defines us.
We believe in the collective responsibility to give solutions to the homelessness. We need transform the social structures in order to see homeless not as an individual problem but as a collective problem. We take a chance on advocacy, create knowledge, innovation and results assessment. We respect the persons´ autonomy
No one living on the street
Persons in the centre. we look for eliminating homelessness and working with the persons, promoting their autonomy and the citizens rights.
Rights approach. Right of every one to have a dignified life, guaranting rights to equal treatment and non-discrimination.
Focus on homelessness. Social and multidiciplinary issue
Focus on solutions. Not only manage situations of exclusion, but looking for solutions.
Co-responsability and trasparency. Coordinated actions, reporting and accountability.
Our core business

Our aim is: no one living on the street

Our products and services

We managed different kind of proyects. We can summary in: the essentials, based on Innovation, response to uncovered basic needs, design or adaptation of tested models that work, evaluation and advocacy (for example, Housing First); and the transformative ones, such as management of public services and resources and build and/or renew centres or...

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Our people

Currently, we have ongoing programs in the Spanish regions of Comunidad de Madrid, Comunidad Valenciana, Andalousia, Región de Murcia, Catalonia and in the Basque Country through RAIS Euskadi Association . We also participate and collaborate in internationals activities and networks, such as the Housing First Europe Hub or our participation in...

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Company Data
SectorNot for profit
Size of the organisation< 250 employees
LocationMadrid, Spain
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