Apicil Gestion

Silver Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Financial Services sector
One of the strengths of the EFQM model, perhaps its main strength, is that it concretely helps the management team to promote convergence of levels of maturity amongst all corporate staff for supporting in-depth deployment of a clear strategy." Stéphane Chabrier, Director Quality and Operational Experience
What defines us.
To create sustainable value, by assisting people in their projects and stages of life; by helping improve social performance for businesses; by positioning, at our level and among others, as a vector for balance in French society.
To protect people, all people, only people, whatever their personal or professional situation, whatever their strengths or weaknesses, on a daily basis in the various stages of their life.
Our corporate culture is based on founding and unifying values that set us apart from others and enable us to propose innovative services to our customers:
- Humanism
- Innovation
- Solidarity
- Transparency
- Excellence
Our core business

Since 1938, APICIL has protected people’s health and assets, in order to assist them at all stages of their life through 3 fields of strategic activity: Health/Provident Schemes / Savings / Pension

Our products and services

Health/Provident Schemes
Personalised individual and group solutions. Since our customers’ needs are specific and evolve over time, our solutions are personalised. As experts in health insurance and risk prevention, we seek the best balance between the premiums paid and the performance of the associated coverage (Supplementary health –...

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Our people

Each day, the Group’s 2 000 employees provide their expertise to 44 307 businesses and 1.7 million protected insured persons.

Company Data
SectorFinancial Services
Size of the organisation> 1000 employees
LocationCaluire, France
More about the Financial Services sector

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