Câmara Municipal de Águeda

Bronze Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Public sector
Dynamic, creative and solidarity

We carry out a significant number of strategic projects for the municipality, using the Community Funds to obtain maximum funding (eg Construction of Educational Centers, Casarão Business Park, Urban Rehabilitation, among others).
In the dynamization of cultural action, a number of actions and initiatives have been developed (for example,...

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A territory of educational excellence

In education, several interventions have been carried out, in an integrated and integrative way of resources, promoting the action of all stakeholders and interested parties in order to guarantee the success of the educational project.
The current Municipal Executive assumed the education as a strategic vector of the development that it...

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Competitive and enterprising

After creating the conditions for the establishment of productive units in the Municipality, we will continue the effort to attract companies, support the dissemination of the industrial units of the county in fairs and other events and promote clustering.
In the strategy adopted by the Municipality, the Municipal Executive promotes a set...

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Municipal services of excellence

The CMA is certified according to the standards NP EN ISO 9001 and NP ISO/IEC 27001. We implemented a Health and Safety System at Work. The use of these benchmarks allows us to know the best practices of international management and ensure their practical implementation in the CMA.
The CMA uses a number of computer applications that...

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Intelligent, innovative and sustainable

To promote the sustainable development of the Municipality, focusing on the valorization / qualification of public spaces, creating conditions for all, by improving the visual and functional quality of spaces, as well as environmental quality and enhancement of natural resources.
Rapid intervention in Pateira, the largest natural lagoon...

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Leadership is essential if strategic objectives are to be achieved, understanding stakeholder needs and maximizing resources. Leaders engage with stakeholders, develop and recognize people, foster improvement and excellence across the Board, and manage change effectively. The Chamber's Mission, Vision and Values (MVV) are communicated and deployed, and it is through this MVV that leaders manage and ensure efficient communication with all, equal opportunities and transparency. The leadership team brings together stakeholders to gather and deploy relevant information to enable timely and effective decision-making, discuss problems, analyze results and deviations, and define corrective actions and necessary changes, and is responsible for developing Skills and knowledge. Internally, leaders communicate effectively with all employees, and there is a formal meeting schedule to ensure the deployment of all information. In addition to these meetings, formal and informal communication channels are used day-to-day.
What defines us.
To be a reference in the Public Administration for sustainable development, orderly, innovative and competitive territory, socially cohesive and culturally active with a status of excellence with repercussion at national and international level, in line with a historical tradition as a county of strong industrial and entrepreneurial tendencies. To be considered a tourist destination, leisure and a place where it is good to live, work and learn.
To make the municipal territory cohesive, competitive and with quality of life, taking into account the expectations and needs of the citizens, in a perspective of sustainable development of the county.
Service to the population and citizens;
Absolute respect for legality, for the equal treatment of all citizens;
Transparency, dialogue and participation, by a permanent attitude of rapprochement with the population;
Rationality of management and social sensitivity, with criteria such as justice, equity and solidarity;
Quality and innovation – the need for the continuous introduction of innovative solutions allowing rationalization, bureaucratization and productivity increase.
Our core business

The CMA has focused its action in areas that it considers strategic, aiming to reinforce the competitiveness and attractiveness of the territorial offer of the Municipality of Águeda to its (potential and future) clients: The City – Urban Regeneration; Modernization and Excellence; Environment and Sustainability; Entrepreneurship and Innovation;...

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Our products and services

The municipal competencies framework is regulated by law. The CMA promotes all kinds of public activities and services, in order to meet the needs and expectations of its residents, companies and institutions. Thus, the services provided by the Autarchy are: Ensure Municipal Inspection; Build and maintain municipal infrastructures; Promote...

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Our people

Nothing would be possible without the involvement and commitment of all the people in the organization.
Management: Municipal Executive – 5; Support offices: 5 (2 Senior Technicians and 3 Technical Assistants); Intermediate leaders: 11 (Senior Technicians)
Counting of workers by position / career (Data 31/12/2016): General Careers...

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Company Data
Size of the organisationBetween 250 & 1000 employees
LocationÁgueda, Portugal
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