Autoridad Portuaria de Ferrol-San Cibrao

Bronze Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Public sector
A reference along the Atlantic Coast

Maximum competitivines:
Our sheltered waters, quays and surfaces stands out among the average level of our competitors.
Our Port Authority provides a wide range of services and is equipped with a considerable volume of resources. Regarding services provided by private companies, the conditions for provision are regulated by the...

Top head in management systems

Our management systems as well as external acknowledgements help us to improve our offer, to incorporate it into our strategy and to provide it with long-term continuity.
Our Port Authority is one of the two Spanish ports worthy of recognition in EFQM's model.

A key to prosperity in our region

A key factor to achieving the social and economical development of our region is facilitating the mobility of goods and people.

Our Port is a symbol of economic and social development for our region. And this is why we approach management with a high sense of responsibility as well as with a great enthusiasm to face our future challenges in cooperation with our human resources and with the rest of our partners. We are living in an extremely complexed environment in which our greatest investment endeavours for the extension of our facilities go hand in hand with major significant changes in world economy, in international business, and in the role played by Ports. In this context, our Port has occupied first place within the region and increased its share in traffic along the entire Atlantic coast of Spain, thus being able to offer services that allow it to stand head to head with the best in terms of facilities, prices, services and excellence management models.In this way, we will be able to maximise our results with a triple purpose: obtaining a maximum performance of our resulting port capacity, diversifying our activity into business lines that will have a greater economical and social impact on our region and reducing the carbon footprint of the land and sea transport related to our traffic.
What defines us.
The Port Authority is faced with the challenge of leading the port community in terms of industrial and economic development in those regions in which its ports are located,
not only by boosting current port traffic but also by generating new traffic activities.It faces the need to offer the highest level in infrastructures and to adjust its services to
the demands set by port competitiveness, to be able to stand out among other ports along the European Atlantic coast.
Contributing to the social and economic development of our area within a context of maximal competitiveness in a sustainable way by providing a maximum support to our port infrastructures as well as to the infrastructures connecting them to our hinterland. Allowing for a greater expansion of the Port and increasing the provision of added value services to an ever increasing variety of traffic.
Our values: Providing an adequate surface with modern infrastructures. Providing quality and economic services within the port system. Cultivating and encouraging policies regarding quality, safety and environment.
Creating customer loyalty of the main clients who provide the critical mass of the port; being able to attract new traffics and clients. An efficient, well-trained and motivat ed
human team. An excellent relationship with our environment;becoming a reference for the development of the local economy. Respecting and becoming integrated into a
precious natural environment while contributing to its sustainable development.
Our core business

Our port Authority offer facilities and services in order to provide a greater mobility of goods and people while following the highest standars in quality, safety and enviroment at competitive prices.

Our products and services

Facilities:Water surface: 4,561.82 Ha, Quays: 13,900.88 ml, Storage surface area: 3,741,787 m²
Servuces: Pilotage, Berthing, Towing, Stowage, Coordination and control of port services, police officers in common areas, prevention and control of emergencies, marine signalling, lighting of common areas, reception service for waste generated.

Our people

We improve our range of services by providing highly training and capable personnel.
114 employees, 14.04% of temporary workers, 22.81%of women
Personnel satisfaction index: 66.40%

Company Data
Size of the organisation< 250 employees
LocationFerrol, Spain
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