Replika, creating solutions, Ltd.

Bronze Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Financial Services sector
Received awards and certificates

In last five years, we achieved few awards and certificates that confirms the quality, professionalism and success of our work:
- EFQM Certificate – Recognised for Excellence;
- European Business Awards - National Champion certificate 2015/2016 and 2016/2017;
- AAA Highest creditworthiness rating certificate 2015 and...

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Registered trade mark Replika REMOTE

We developed an accounting interface, which enables completely paperless e-accounting and e-banking of highest quality and safety standards 24/7 from whichever location of the world. At the same time, it improves transparency of business and diminishes accounting costs. We especially recommend it for foreigners and foreign-owned companies....

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SKIS - creativity and innovation group

It means the establishment and activities of a technologically innovative crossroad that offers information and support by research and development of innovations to its members. SKIS is a consortium of carefully selected companies providing its members with all the professional help needed in each individual phase of the innovation process.

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International orientation

From the very beginning in 2003, we devote a great deal of our work to provide comprehensive and innovative products and services, that can satisfy the needs of the most demanding foreign clients. So today more than 70% of our clients come from Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Germany and Austria,...

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Our own research group

We established our own research group, registered by the Slovenian Research Agency, which develops new innovative products and services. It operates in the following areas: information systems, advanced technologies and renewable resources, management and business.

“Obtaining EFQM Certificate of Excellence proves that the high standards, high quality and professionalism of our work and customer care were the right choices in our journey towards excellence. With customized support, we help our clients to go beyond their goals and expectations. We like to say: Accounting is not all we do. But all we do counts.” Polona Urh, CEO
What defines us.
Our vision is to become a leading accounting and business consulting company, which develops and offers comprehensive and innovative business support services and solutions in Slovenia for (foreign) clients with high demands and expectations. To be a responsible and reliable partner to our clients and create a positive working environment for our employees.
Our mission is to provide our clients comprehensive business support and innovative solutions for:
- setting-up and internationalization of business and
- for management, control and optimization of their business performance.
With years of experience, professionalism, knowledge of the practice and management, we exceed the expectations of our partners and clients and create long-term partnerships.
Responsibility: We keep our commitments and constantly improve our work to eliminate mistakes. We perform our business in accordance with quality standards.
Excellence: We employ highly educated people and constantly invest in their knowledge. Our principle is to provide high quality work performance with fast responsiveness, flexibility and accuracy.
Reliability: we build a professional relationship with our clients, based on trust and long term cooperation.
Personal approach: We try to understand the wishes and needs of our clients. With customized support, we help them to go beyond their goals and expectations.
Growth: We continuously develop and introduce new innovative services that facilitate the operations of our company and our clients' companies and make their business ideas feasible.
Our core business

Replika Ltd is a well-established business consulting company that specializes in accounting, tax and financial consulting, internationalization support, real estate investment projects and obtaining EU funds and innovation support. We offer full support especially for foreign entrepreneurs and SMEs, seeking new opportunities and developing...

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Our products and services

Accounting and bookkeeping services: we offer a wide range of accounting services, also for foreigners and foreign companies, supplemented by additional supportive consulting services (tax, business and investment consulting).
Replika Remote e-accounting, which enables clients 24/7 remote access to the company’s profile to perform...

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Our people

Replika Ltd. is a micro company, so our employees are a key factor in our success. We employ eight highly educated, experienced, multilingual people from different fields of expertise (e.g. economics, law, social sciences). We encourage them to constantly improve and complement their knowledge to fulfill the needs of the most demanding clients....

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Company Data
SectorFinancial Services
Size of the organisation< 250 employees
LocationLjubljana, Slovenia
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