Bronze Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Not for profit sector
Closed institutions

ELCAP have facilitated the closure of three institutions and supported the individuals that had resided in these institutions to move into their own accommodation or shared accommodation in local communities. We are proud of the fact that we did not leave anyone behind.

Exceed regulator training

ELCAP have and continue to exceed the level of training and qualifications for our Support Workers that is expected of by the Regulator.

Living Wage

ELCAP has paid staff at or above the living wage since 2011.

Changed perceptions

ELCAP have been changing perceptions of local communities since 1989. The work we have done means that people with disabilities are more widely accepted and the public are no longer shocked to see service users become involved in local communities

After many years of quality awards, ELCAP were delighted with the comprehensive review as part of the EFQM assessment. We were really keen that this was an open and inclusive process. The contacts made through Quality Scotland have provided other unexpected benefits. We were delighted that having followed the EFQM model that our discussion with our regulator were framed in the same terms and with the same improvement agenda.
What defines us.
ELCAP’s vision is that we all live in a society where there are no barriers that prevent people from living the lives they want to live and reaching their full potential.
ELCAP’s Mission is to:

Support people to live a rich and varied lifestyle with only the support they need
Tailor our support to the specific needs and wishes of the individual
Look at skills and abilities of those we work with and to support them to develop their full potential
Employ staff of the highest calibre and who share our vision and values
Work with others (including organisations and family members) to ensure that they too contribute to creating an inclusive and empowering environment.
ELCAP believes:

Everyone of equal worth and there should be no discrimination.
Everyone is an individual with unique needs, wishes and interests and contributions to make.
Everyone has an equal voice and a right to be heard.
Everyone has a right to respect and dignity.
The people we work with have a right to live as part of the community.
The people we work with have a right to be involved in the decisions that affect their lives as well as in the decisions about how ELCAP is run.
The people we work with have a right to make informed choices including about risks.
The people we work with have a right to access advocacy.
The families of the people we work with have a right to be informed, heard and supported.
The quality of support work provided by our staff has to be of the highest calibre.
Our core business

ELCAP provide to support to people with a range of support needs.

Our products and services

ELCAP offer housing support and care at home services to people in their own homes. This can range between a few hours a week support to 24 hours a day support. ELCAP strive to only provide the support to people they require in order to promote their independence.

ELCAP also offer respite service to people outwith their own homes.

Our people

ELCAP employ approx. 310 staff. 294 of these staff provide direct front line support to the individuals we support. The remaining staff provide the management and administrative function in order to support the front line staff.

Company Data
SectorNot for profit
Size of the organisationBetween 250 & 1000 employees
LocationPRESTONPANS, United Kingdom
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