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Bronze Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Technology sector
EFQM self-assessment concept

The objective of EFQM self-assessment concept is to involve employees widely across the organization in the development of our operations. All our business units organize regularly EFQM-workshops for managers, specialists and technicians involving each year around 100 employees. In 2016 we organized across the organization eight EFQM-workshops...

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Developing efficient excellence

Relacom has put remarkable effort in developing industry leading project management capabilities in 2016. Team members from different Relacom counties have defined and anchored with country organizations a generic, Nordic process model and the methodology which Relacom will apply in managing projects, including familiar Toll-Gate and Milestone...

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Sustainable impact on society

Since 2014 Relacom has enabled its personnel to use half a work day per year for charity work. Relacom’s staff members have experienced the joy of giving e.g. by donating blood, helping their neighbors or elderly citizens or collecting money for charity organizations. In addition to that taking responsibility for the environment is a strategic...

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Methods to ensure occupational wellbeing

In 2016 we promoted occupational wellbeing by organizing online sessions related to well-being open for all our employees. For the managers, we offered an additional resource discussion model with company health care supplier. This gives them an opportunity to discuss preventively and confidentially any concerns about their team members’...

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Support clinics for managers

Support Functions’ specialists introduced a new support service for managers in 2016. The so-called Clinic Model offered tailor-made support and training for managers challenged to meet the goals. The manager was advised by a multidisciplinary team helping him or her to develop a concrete action plan. The idea behind Clinic Model is to share the...

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A new orientation tool

Orientation of the new recruits is a vital part of our development of the employees. In 2016 we introduced a new online orientation tool. It helps managers in planning and implementing a comprehensive orientation for new recruits. It also encourages them to take advantage of the expertise of our various specialists. At the same time it supports...

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Relacom believes that success and customer loyalty are earned. We need to perform every day and we need to improve continuously. We combine leadership with people to structured processes and uniform managerial procedures to develop our offering and efficiency. Relacom Finland has ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS18001. We were also awarded for being the best player as regards Corporate Social Responsibility in our industry category. We use EFQM-model as a core tool for continuous improvement. EFQM gives a language and logic for setting targets, working towards them, reaching them by learning and implementing new ways of working on all levels and setting new higher targets. We have no specific final target, it’s the journey that matters.
What defines us.
Relacom’s vision is to be the preferred service partner within technical infrastructure in the Nordics. Frame of reference here is mainly the core competitors. Preferred partner refers to customers opinion, not our own. We get the continuous feedback from customers on daily basis and as loyalty and agreement are renewed. We build the customer orientation and mind set in each individual working for Relacom. We talk and communicate about the Vision, but more importantly we walk the way to make it real in all our existing and new customers.
Our mission is to offer flawless function and commercial value in our customers’ networks. We believe the true value of our services is reflected in the satisfaction of customers’ customers. Our customers’ networks are critical value creation tools for them and their end-customers. We understand our important role of building and maintaining our customers´ networks. We also want to understand even better the strategy and future development of our customers. We want to build and maintain our customers' future networks.
Our values are: Reliable and Competent, a wordplay with the company's name – Rel-a-com – which also makes it easy to remember the values.
Relacom is a reliable partner. Everyday we have to make sure that our customers experience high quality of the services we provide. It is an ongoing process building and staying reliable. Relacom has competent people. We have both technical expertise and years of experience working with a variety of systems. These skills help us to take a proactive approach and fulfil our commitments. We are present both on a personal level and in a geographical sense.
Our core business

Relacom is a leading technology services provider offering strategic solutions to the telecommunications, power and IoT markets. Over the years, Relacom has become a preferred partner to leading global telecommunication and power operators, as well as to national retail and logistics companies.

Our products and services

The company’s extensive track record spans from construction of nation-wide mobile networks, life-cycle management of electrical and telecom networks, installation of fiber optics for new residential areas, securing wireless communications for workplaces and private homes to installation of networked applications for retail and logistics...

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Our people

Everything we do starts with people, whether we consult, plan, build or maintain networks and equipment. Relacom Finland employs 700 professionals in 50 locations 24/7 throughout Finland. Over 200 of our technicians are highly certified against different technologies and several manufacturers’ requirements. At Relacom we combine broad experience...

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Company Data
Size of the organisationBetween 250 & 1000 employees
LocationVantaa, Finland
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