Stavropol State Agrarian University

Platinum Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Education sector
Lidership culture in the SSAU

The leaders of the University — the people that allow us to work effectively in conditions of permanent changes. They are ambitious, proactive and not afraid of responsibility.
SSAU developed its system of identifying and evaluating the leadership potential of employees, based on the developed us 4 role models with a specific set of...

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Personnel as a basis for success

SSAU. Therefore, we strive to attract and retain the best employees, focus on professional growth and future development together with the SSAU.
For this purpose we have developed a universal tool – the Model “Perfect employee”. It identifies various areas where an employee may be ideal. We strive to see and understand what every...

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Social partnership model at the SSAU

SSAU develops its competitiveness through the implementation of the model of social partnership “University – agricultural enterprises - the local population”:
- the creation of information-educational environment of agro-education in the South of Russia through the activities of the Stavropol branch of the interregional resource center,...

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Creativity as a value of the SSAU

Ideas of creativity and innovation are determined by the University mission and represent our core values. This approach to sustainability and continuity in activities of the University is understood and endorsed by all the staff, supported by graduate students, and is recognized by strategic partners.
The practice of creativity and...

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Additional value for SSAU consumers

Through its 87-year history, the University has formed some unique traditions, values and culture of interaction with diverse groups of consumers. The University appreciate its customers, tries to anticipate their needs, expectations and transform them into strategic objectives for improvement.
A distinctive feature of the interaction...

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Determining the priorities for future development, the University is fully aware of its social responsibility towards the society and focuses on creating a culture of continuous improvement. The leader is the one who seeks its own way to success, but not limited by implementation of mandatory standards
What defines us.
SSAU Vision: training, development and upbringing of the individual, able to work successfully in any country of the world and to show their creativity in a variety of modern society.
University mission: expand the boundaries of knowledge and learning, provide training for graduate professionals, improve the quality of life of the population of the South of Russia and contribute to the preservation and augmentation of moral, cultural and scientific values of society.
Quality – we provide consumers services that meet or exceed their expectations. Ethics – responsible and conscientious fulfillment of all our commitments. Professionalism – we are constantly learning themselves and share secrets of success with others. Creativity – we are constantly generating new ideas since they are our main source of energy.
Our core business

According to its mission, the university provides educational services on 104 educational programs of higher education and on 417 programs of additional professional education. 4 Dissertation Councils successfully work at the University, which accept to protection theses (dissertations) on11 specialties.

Our products and services

There are 3 kinds of services at the University:
1. Educational services (Bachelor course, Master course, Specialist course, the training of highly qualified personnel).
2. R&D on 11 scientific directions.
3. Social services (improving the quality of life through education “throughout life”).

Our people

The total number of employees is 1139 people. Due to a well-structured policy in the field of personnel development and use of their skills and talents, academic degree and academic title have 91% of scientific and pedagogical workers, 68% of employees have higher education (HE). Annually 57% of employees improve their skills. The average age of...

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Company Data
Size of the organisation> 1000 employees
LocationStavropol, Russia
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