Glasgow Housing Association

Platinum Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Association & Institutions sector
GHA has invested £1.5bn in homes

Since 2004 we have delivered £1.5billion worth of investment in Glasgow's social housing stock. This has contributed to the wider regeneration of the city and the economy. It has meant our customers' homes are warm, dry and comfortable.

Customer satisfaction at GHA reached 90%

Overall satisfaction with GHA as a landlord reached 90% - up by 23 percentage points since 2003.

GHA is building thousands of homes

We work with our partners to increase the supply of quality affordable housing in Glasgow. Since 2003 we have demolished homes that were unpopular and expensive to maintain and have begun a major house-building programme with 1900 homes complete and thousands more in development.

GHA staff are empowered to think yes

Our think Yes culture change programme empowers staff at every level to make decisions and design services for the customer at the first point of contact. Think Yes has contributed to higher levels of customer satisfaction and been recognised by external awards and accreditations.

GHA's partnerships make a difference

We work in partnership with organisations including Glasgow City Council, police, fire and health services to deliver services which make a positive difference to communities and people's lives. For example we formed a life-saving Community Improvement Partnership with Scotland's fire and police service to tackle anti-social behaviour, crime and...

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Chief Executive Martin Armstrong said: “The transformation at GHA has been nothing short of remarkable. People looking at us eight years ago would have seen a dysfunctional and dispirited organisation. Performance was poor and relationships with stakeholders were at an all-time low. Our journey to excellence has seen GHA turn itself into a truly customer–led organisation where we not only change people’s lives but change their expectations of their lives too. It is this unrelenting ambition to do more for our communities that has been, and is, our driving force. People looking at GHA now see a high-performing organisation which builds effective partnerships with others and which is recognised for defining and setting standards of customer excellence in the sector and beyond.”
What defines us.
Our vision is to deliver outstanding personalised customer service through our Think Yes culture. All our homes will be warm, modern and safe and our communities will be places our customers are proud to live in. We will be recognised across the UK as an excellent housing organisation which, by working in partnership with others, can make a real difference to people’s lives.
Better homes, better lives, a better Glasgow
Excellence: to deliver quality in everything we do
Community: to build more sustainable communities where customers have a real say in decisions affecting them
Ambition: to do more for our customers and to provide more opportunities for our staff and stakeholders
Trust: to be trusted by our employees, customers and partners.
Our core business

At GHA, our core business is providing safe, high-quality homes for social rent to 65,000 people in Glasgow, many of whom live in disadvantaged communities. Hand in hand with this is a strong focus on supporting people to improve their lives.

Our products and services

Our 39,200 homes for rent are warm, safe and affordable - and maintained to a high standard. Over the past 14 years we have invested £1.5billion in a refurbishment programme which has included: installing modern, efficient heating; rewiring; upgrading windows, doors, and roofs; and putting in new kitchens and bathrooms. We are also building...

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Our people

The 950 dedicated people who work at GHA put our customers first, all day, every day. Our ‘Think Yes’ culture, which has transformed our organisation by empowering our staff to find new ways to do the right thing for our customers, is now part of our DNA. Housing officers, environmental staff, specialist advisers and repairs teams, work...

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SectorAssociation & Institutions
Size of the organisationBetween 250 & 1000 employees
LocationGlasgow, United Kingdom
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