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Gold Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Energy sector
Record breaking collection rates

Year after year the number of WEEE appliances collected is on the rise since our creation in 2001. Ensuring a consistent collection increase is also increasingly challenging given the fact that most appliances are smaller and/or weigh less today than they once did, meaning we need to collect more appliances to improve our collection results....

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A convenient collection network

High customer awareness is good but not enough. Easy access to collection facilities is key in order to keep on improving the collection results. In 2014, the “RecyclePoint” project was started: the introduction of a new type of collection boxes for lamps and small devices to be placed before-the-counter in, for example, retail and DIY shops. In...

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A 10% increase in transport efficiency

The Recupel system requires 100 to 120 e-waste transports throughout Belgium every day. To optimize these, Recupel created a custom-fit software, “OptiWEEE”, that every morning calculates the most efficient routes for all transports. This allowed Recupel to decrease the transport costs by 10%, and consequently to decrease the amount of...

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An impressive brand awareness

Over the years, Recupel reached an “excellent awareness” level of brand recognition with more than 95% of the population. This brand recognition is a positive one, in the sense that the brand is automatically associated with the key activity of the organization, recycling. The positive reputation Recupel earned over the years greatly helps the...

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Recupel is a non-profit organisation without competitors. For it to stay performant, we need to constantly question the way we operate to improve our results. The EFQM Excellence Model is perfectly suited for this. It allows us to integrate our “better, faster, cheaper”-thinking in every layer of our organisation. Although we work hard to maintain a culture of constant self-improvement in all departments of the company, EFQM helped us to reach the next level. The EFQM-model is precise and applicable. It forced us to question our priorities and rethink our processes, but the biggest asset of the model is that it involves the entire company.
What defines us.
Recupel is striving for a better living environment via optimal recuperation of materials from WEEE.
Recupel ensures that WEEE is collected and processed in a sustainable and cost-effective way.
Professionalism – We strive to be best of class and lead by example
Efficiency – By making things better, cheaper and faster we improve our efficiency day by day
Transparency –Knowledge sharing allows for overall growth. By optimising our reporting and Information flows stakeholder engagement is guaranteed.
Respect – As unity is strength, we respect the role of each actor and believe in the power of partnerships .
Innovation – Although small in size we are constantly looking for big innovative ideas. Questioning the way we work allows us to grow.
Environmental Awareness –Maintaining the same environmental awareness in all our activities not only our core activities
Our core business

Recupel ensures that discarded electr(on)ic appliances are collected and processed in a sustainable and cost-effective way. Recupel was created in 2001 by producers and importers of electr(on)ic material in Belgium. The financial means it receives via the Recupel fee are exclusively used for the organisation and promotion of the collecting and...

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Our products and services

Recupel provides a full service solution for companies who need to comply with the legal take-back obligation of electrical and electronic appliances in Belgium. We offer a national and harmonized solution for the regional legislation of the Flemish, Brussels and Walloon region. Recupel meets all legal and reporting requirements for its members...

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Our people

Recupel has a policy that aims to fill out only those jobs that are permanent and sustainable. Currently 31 people work within Recupel towards a more beautiful world. We aim at creating a framework in which employees are satisfied and create added value for the organisation and for themselves, in a committed manner. We focus on what we want to...

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Company Data
Size of the organisation< 250 employees
LocationBrussels, Belgium
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