Institute Yakutniproalmaz ALROSA PJSC

Gold Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Minerals sector
We create the deepest quarries worldwide

All investment projects involve not only the use of advanced technologies developed by the Institute, but also powerful modern mining and transport equipment. A number of already constructed projects of the Institute quarries are among the deepest in the world (Mir - 525 m, Ydachniy - 640 m). Similar quarries will be Jubilee (depth of 720 m),...

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Our services are quite varied

Sector of services provided by the Institute is pretty varied– it's a career open pit mining, hydraulic facilities, enrichment facilities with all industrial infrastructure and utilities, underground mines and stowing complexes, boiler and power plants, various objects of industrial, civil, and administrative purposes.

We develop national standard at mining

For regulation of open mining designing in the difficult conditions of permafrost, on the basis of innovative solutions by the Yakutniproalmaz Institute, and the leading scientific organizations of the Russian Federation developed the national standard of the Russian Federation Rules for design of mining enterprises located in the permafrost...

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Usage of multilink trucks

Involvement in the developing of remote deposits in Western Yakutia is applied with the most efficient transport system of ore transportation over long distances – multi-link road train.

Transitioning to natural gas

In order to reduce transport and fuel costs, ALROSA actively engaged in the transition to natural gas. Expected average annual savings of fuel costs on projects of CNG and LNG for the period 2016-2035 years will amount to 1.9 billion rubles.

We use innovative tools in management

Since 2008 the Institute is certified according to ISO 9001. In 2010 ISO 14001 was added to the exicting system. The first assessment by the criteria of the EFQM Model was made in 2010. The result was - certificate 4*. In 2012 the Institute became the winner of the 8-th International Quality Award of Central and Eastern Europe on the model of...

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Previously customers wanted the quality, now they require it. Quality improvement is possible with ongoing evaluation of activity, because received knowledge is helpful for further development, and that is a continuous upward movement.
What defines us.
We strive to be a leader in the development of advanced mining and concentration technologies. We must covert our scientific and project development to the value for customers by using professional solutions and services worldwide.
We see providing every Customer a full complex of the most advanced research, design and consulting services at constant applying the latest advances in the field of mining, engineering, information technology and improving business processes as our main purpose.
We provide engineering scientific support of the enterprises of the Russian diamond industry, contribute to creating the environment for innovation and technological modernisation, design modern industrial and social facilities, undertaken by permafrost supervision and labor regulation.
Due to the constructive integrated approach and implementation of our own innovative solutions based on compliance with international standards of quality, environmental and energy management, we implement all Customer requirements in compliance with its economic interests and create maximum conditions for creative self-realization of employees.
We contribute long-term economic growth, social stability, saving of favorable environment and rational use of natural resources in the regions of ALROSA's activity.
1. Development together with the Customer - We always respect our customer, we always fulfill requirements and we always bend toward our customers.
2. Teamwork - We always work as a team, we always help our partners, we are always near with partners and we always can interchange each other
3. Loyalty to corporate culture - We are always dedicated to our profession and we always respect each other
4. Taking care of employees - We always reward, develop and take care of our employees.
5. Training and development - We always train our staff, looking for the best ideas and learning from mistakes.
Our core business

Implementation of feasibility studies; development of projects for the diamond mining and mining industries; development of projects for the general- industrial, social objects and agriculture facilities; research in mining and social-economic infrastructure; exploration-engineering, field supervision and permafrost follow-up; quantitative...

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Our products and services

Scientific and project documentation

Our people

As of 01.01.2015, the headcount amounted to 717 persons, including:
– managers – 185,
– experts – 426 persons,
– employees – 8 persons
– working – 98 people;
– workers younger than 30 years – 279 people.

Company Data
Size of the organisationBetween 250 & 1000 employees
LocationMirny, Russia
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