Tech Mahindra - GSK PASS Regional Service Centre India

Gold Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Manufacturing sector
Improvement in Internal Quality

RSCI has demonstrated excellent performance in terms of maintaining high quality standards & consistently achieving customer metrics / Service Level Agreements. We have always met / exceeded targets set for us. In our 13 years of partnership with GSK, our internal right first time has consistently improved from 50% to 90+%. Our external...

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Reduction in External Errors

We play a major role in the overall GSK supply chain by focusing on the quality of the artworks that we produce. We are cognizant of the fact that any error in the artwork which we have produced may have a potential impact on the overall supply chain. In order to improve customer service, we work on continuous improvement projects especially...

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Introduction of Psychometric Test

RSCI follows a strong & elaborative recruitment process. We work with the mission of selecting the right candidate, with the right skill sets & the right attitude at the right time for the right role. Due to the virtue of the fact that we work for a Health Care business which deals with the patients, the nature of the job we perform is...

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Learning & Competency Development

RSCI employees are young, mobile & possess niche skills. Therefore, the organization needs to take special efforts to ensure that they remain highly motivated. We create Career Progression Plans to proactively charter the learning & growth of each individual. These plans are made with each individual’s career aspirations in mind. We are...

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Operational Excellence Frame Work

Right from its inception, RSCI has adopted the Operational Excellence Foundation Maturity Model to inculcate the concepts of continuous improvement through training & several initiatives. These are: 5S, RCA, LEAN, Standard Work, Continuous Improvement, Tiered Accountability, GEMBA walks & Six Sigma. All individuals who complete 3 months...

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“Near Misses”

In RSCI, we produce high quality packaging artwork using “briefs” supplied by the Regulatory Group / Markets. We have initiated a project to track the trend of the critical brief errors which we have identified as a proactive measure to avoid potential product recalls & any impact on the supply chain. These errors (also termed as “Near...

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In Tech Mahindra, we have always followed “The Mahindra Way” (TMW) as an integrated approach to promote excellence in everything we do. And now, the EFQM model has given us a road map for true excellence. We are now building upon this significant achievement by combining the core principles of TMW & EFQM to form a single and comprehensive framework underlying the way we run our business. Our vision is to become a beacon of excellence for our people & our community and take this journey of excellence forward across the entire GSK Account in Tech Mahindra so that excellence truly becomes a part of our company’s DNA; so even when people move on, it is sustained through generations to come.
What defines us.
Our vision is to continue being the primary artwork service provider & also provide innovative solutions to the GSK PASS organization to get to the next level of excellence.
Our mission is to deliver outstanding, continuously improving operational support to the GSK PASS organization by sustaining & delivering >70% of the artwork volumes for GSK’s markets & sites through a highly motivated and engaged group of employees.
Respect for people.
Focus on the patient & end users of our customer’s products
Good corporate citizenship
Our core business

Tech Mahindra is part of the USD 16.9 billion Mahindra Group which is made up of 200,000 + associates and runs a number of IT & BPO operations for globally renowned customers. Tech Mahindra is a Forbes Global 2000 company with a revenue of USD 4 billion, 103,000 + associates, 750+ global clients, a global footprint in over 100 countries...

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Our products and services

We are a key artwork service provider for GSK’s PASS (Pack Artwork Shared Service) organization and are responsible for contributing more than 70% of the artworks every year to GSK’s Markets & Sites globally. Our service includes the back office operations that we carry out for Regional Service Centre Verona (pharmaceuticals) & Regional...

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Our people

RSCI has 200 employees with niche skills in Graphic Designing, Printing & Packaging. Our organization sets high standards & encourages employees to adhere to commitments and even stretch to deliver beyond the normal expectations through flexibility, extra efforts and longer hours when required. The management although professional &...

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Company Data
Size of the organisation< 250 employees
LocationHyderabad, India
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