Toyo Matbaa Mürekkepleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S ? TOYO Printing Inks

Silver Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Pharmaceuticals sector

Our Company has established in 1968 as the first printing inks producer and seller in Turkey. Since then we always care about our people, stakeholders and customer. EFQM model is well-suited to our management philosophy with the consideration to aim exceptional levels of performance that fit the expectations of all our stakeholders.


TOYO Printing Inks has always been the first to take steps for international compliance as an ink producer in Turkey. Currently, we have recognized for 5 ISO management systems which are all certificated and make the EFQM implementation more easier for the organization.
-ISO 9001 Quality Management System, since 1998
-ISO 18001...

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With the aim of understanding the cause and effect relationships between what our organization does and the results it achieves, we implemented the EFQM Excellence Model.
The recognition of our excellence-level by EFQM, we understand that we have had a successful start to our journey and our purpose is to keep going for a sustainable...

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Innovation is always a key point for TOYO Printing Inks, since EFQM model forces the organizations to being future oriented, implementing this model generates a great harmony in our organization.
As we integrate the EFQM model, our innovation studies accelerated as well. This effect of EFQM model can be seen with the awards that we got...

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“While our processes are shaped by the EFQM model, we aim to create added value with our innovative products that we offer to our customers. We will continue to apply the EFQM model, which has become part of our culture and forms the system of company practices, with the same determination.” Yakup BENLİ, CEO
What defines us.
Establish strategic partnerships with our customers and suppliers, by the help of R&D and Innovation, while protecting human and environmental focus, to become the sustainable market leader.
At all stages of our production and distribution channels, continuously improve our production service and system quality with our customer-oriented working principle, ensure sustainable development while keeping customer satisfaction at highest level thanks to our expert team who designs products that meet customer requirements.
Customers and Consumers come first- Our aim is, to be agile, proactive and innovative in meeting their ever-changing expectations for a better life.
Operational Excellence-effective use of technology in all areas, lean operational processes, well-defined business systematic, fast and data-based decision support systems. Agility is a care competence we seek in our organization.
Our People-Under our “Science, Unity, Success” motto, our people who are open to science based developments, who value free exchange and unity, who embrace participatory management and success-oriented culture, are among our most valuable assets.
Ethical Stance-We are respectful to the social, political and cultural values. Our actions are transparent and in compliance with all requirements of law and rules of ethics. We emphasize honesty, open communications and fairness in all our activities.
Environmental and Social Responsibility-As a socially responsible company, we continue our long-standing support for education, sports, arts and culture to further improve the quality of life and creating a better future.
Our core business

TOYO Printing Inks which have been operating in Turkey since 1968. It is one of the leading brands in Turkey in ink sector since its foundation. To meet the needs of the packaging and printing industries, our company maintains the production with the utmost importance to the quality and innovation.

Our products and services

TOYO Printing Inks has a factory in Manisa and Color Making Center in Istanbul which is connected to TOYOINKGROUP. It has 44 vendors and sales offices in 4 cities in Turkey. Considering the requirements of Turkish printing industry, it is a company that can serve in 6 different sub sectors such as Serigraphic Inks, Sheet-fed Inks, Liquid Inks,...

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Our people

It provides services to the sector with 210 employees, who provide knowledge that enhances customer trust and satisfaction, who act as a responsible corporate citizen in harmony with society and environment, who protect guiding principles.

Company Data
Size of the organisation< 250 employees
LocationIzmir, Turkey
More about the Pharmaceuticals sector

features also organisation active in the field of biotechnologies and chemicals

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