Eurolenguas, S.A. Eurocolegio Casvi

Silver Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Education sector
Use of New Technologies.

Special mention of our Technology, Programming, and Robotics Project; And the introduction of the iPad in the classroom. From 5th grade and up to 10th grade. Each one of our students has in their own class in which they have developed their digital textbooks elaborated by the own professors of the school.

IB Methodology.

The learning of our students is very different from the traditional Spanish educational system. At Eurocolegio Casvi the student is the center of our educational process, thanks to a methodology in which languages are a fundamental tool (English, German and Chinese). Internationality is also an important factor, in order to face the globalized...

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Individualized Attention of Students.

Our Advising Department is in charge of attending to the needs of each student of our institution through the enrichment and reinforcement programs, directed study and personalized tutorials in order to attend the educational development of each student with a quality education as an alternative program to avoid school failure.

Developing the talent of your children is our greatest commitment Juan Luis Yagüe del Real, Headmaster Eurocolegio Casvi- Boadilla del Monte
What defines us.
We intend to establish ourselves as referents of innovative teaching and quality. Also of international teaching where our students reach the highest levels of excellence in their academic and personal education, attending each one of them and their families, according to their educational, affective and social capacities and needs, in such a way that the failure School does not have room in our school.
Educate our students and train them in the acquisition not only of knowledge, but also of values that allow them to develop personally, intellectually and professionally as referents of a better future, supportive, human, advanced and respectful to live in. A process in which daily work, effort, order, discipline, responsibility and compliance will be valued, so that our students are able to adapt to the changes and needs that society demands.
Our goal is to train PEOPLE and do it in an integral way with solidly rooted values that build a society and a better future in which to live. It will always be our priority to internalize that the main keys to success are teamwork, constancy, integrity and ethical behavior, achieving a responsible lifestyle, and honesty.
Our core business

Our Core Bussiness is to train inquiring, informed and educated students, thinkers, good communicators, honest, open minded, supportive, audacious, balanced and reflective.
We are a school with a private educational model from the age of 2 to the university, a role model in the area for the application of new technologies, methodologies...

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Our products and services

The development and delivery of a regulated education in preschool, primary, secondary and national high school levels, with modalities of Humanities & Social Sciences and Science and Technology.

Our people

With a total of 120 teachers, all of them with university Diploma and Teachers in different specialties. At Eurocolegio Casvi we think, however, that a good teacher is not only the one who accumulates a lot of knowledge, but the one who is also capable of generating in his student’s interest and enthusiasm for learning. In order to achieve this...

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Company Data
Size of the organisation< 250 employees
LocationMadrid, Spain
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