Bradstow School

Platinum Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Education sector
The adoption of Gentle Teaching is a key aspect of our work with young people.

The adoption of Gentle Teaching approaches throughout the school community has transformed the culture and ethos of the school and has enabled significant changes to occur through the development of our shared vision, mission, values and organisational behaviours. We are proud of this achievement and perceive this as outstanding and this is...

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The Culture of Gentleness has added huge value for all our customer groups.

At Bradstow, we’re committed to creating a Culture of Gentleness, an inclusive environment built upon the principles of Gentle Teaching, a unique relational approach centred on building safe, loving and engaging relationships in both its values and methods.

The impact of these changes over the last nine years has been...

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Our Extended Provision has led to our development of a Children’s Home and is already described as ‘outstanding’ by the Ofsted inspectorate.

It became clear to the leadership of the school that a more creative and flexible approach was required to both sustain the school into the future (based on clear trends in national social care policy and requests from Local Authorities) and to effectively plan the education and care of individual young people who may require extended...

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Our commitment to the EFQM Excellence Model dates back to 2004. The previous Head Teacher attended two courses supported by the NAHT and by Lloyds TSB Bank. An external specialist provided initial support, and the Model became a part of the infrastructure of management in Bradstow School. The improvement focus was the big attraction, but in 2007, we were accredited Investors in Excellence. In 2008, we were awarded Five Star Recognition for Excellence by EFQM. We were EFQM Excellence Award Finalists three times, winning five prizes as follows: • 2009 : Customer focus • 2010 : Leading with Vision, Inspiration and Integrity and Succeeding through People • 2016 : Adding value for customers and Creating a sustainable future We have continued to work with the Excellence Model, which supports our management and improvement structures. The continued growth of the school and its development rests on the foundation of the Excellence Model.
What defines us.
Living and learning together within a Culture of Gentleness
The central purpose of our presence in the lives of others is to nurture, teach and sustain
We use: Words that are kind, uplifting, encouraging and loving. Eyes that are warm and smiling. Touch that is gentle and respectful. Presence that is attentive and responsive to the person
Our core business


Our products and services

Bradstow supports children and young people with severe intellectual disabilities who are on the autistic spectrum continuum.

Our people

256 total staff, consisting of: 15 teachers, 72 education, 24 admin & maintenance, 21 housekeeping, 124 care

Company Data
Size of the organisationBetween 250 & 1000 employees
LocationBroadstairs /KENT, United Kingdom
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