T.C. MEB Antalya Muratpasa Sabiha Gökcen Anaokulu

Gold Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Education sector
Organizational Abilities

Our organizational abilities,our ability to distinguish us from other schools to make a difference, are good practice and model for each school. Our talents' interactions and adaptability have brought our talents to mastery level. These talents, which come to the mastery level, constitute our institutional abilities. Our organizational skills...

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Staffs' Skills

Staffs' Skills are the second main component of ouf exelence journey. These skills are Sharing and Cooperation,
Development of Educational Process,
Development of Original Educational Material,
Managing Family Participation,
Business Plan Preparation,
Student Recognition,
Implementation and Evaluation of...

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Life Skills Development Workshop

It has become a necessity for the environmental education to take place systematically in all levels of education starting from pre-school education.
Children learn more and easier when they learn by doing and experimenting.
It is not about teaching the child what he wants to learn. With science and nature studies, the child...

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In September 2010 we decided to implement TQM studies and systematic implementation of the EFQM excellence model. We designed our processes, especially the process of system development and management, with managers, teachers, employees, and school family representatives in order to ensure the spread of strategic goals and activities that we have formed in order to continuously improve the school management system and create a culture of excellence by managing change effectively. We made, the use of quality techniques in all processes of our school, the basic skills of our employees. Besides the EFQM Excellence Model; • MoNE Total Quality Award Model (from 2010). • ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System (from 2010). • Public Institutions Internal Control Standards (since 2013) • Pre-school Education and Primary Education Institutions Standards (since 2015) Integrated into our management system. Sabiha Gökçen Pre-primary school continues to work with the slogan, Today we have what is good for tomorrow.
What defines us.
To be an example and model in Turkey with our applied quality studies and projects.
To grow up individuals who are innovative, creative, self confidendet and ready to primary education and future by developing effective, efficient, flexible and balanced relationships with all of our stakeholders.
Creating opportunities for learning and development,
Learning and making a difference in our practices,
Sharing, Communication, Research, Development, Collaboration, Innovation, Openness to the Critics,
Respect to the individual, the scam, the different cultures,
Being Creative and Innovative,
Our core business

We are a pre-primary school that serves to 36 to 60 month old children.

Our products and services

We provide high quality pri-primary education to children inorder to prepare them to primary school and life as individuals who are self confident, free thinking, sensitive to enviropment and respectful to cultures.

Our people

There are 1 Manager, 1 Assistant Manager, 17 teachers, 1 officier, 1 servant, 1 security guard and 9 sthaff in our school. With a total of 39 people we provide education to 400 children in 17 classes and 4 day clubs.

Company Data
Size of the organisation< 250 employees
LocationAntalya, Turkey
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