Ayuntamiento de Alcobendas

Platinum Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Public sector

Alcobendas City Council is the first local government body in Europe to be handed the EFQM Excellence Award. It illustrates our tireless commitment to quality and continuous improvement and confirms the excellence of the management model employed by Alcobendas City Council.
We have been working tirelessly towards the EFQM excellence model...

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Objective: Have tools to define, deploy and track the municipal strategy, ensuring effective participation of stakeholders in the various stages of the process, allowing assessment of the implementation, and taking corrective actions in view of the measures deviations vs the initial planning.
Mechanisms, activities: Analysis of the...

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Objective: Make Alcobendas a city with a low level of debt while maintaining a balanced budget. Alcobendas is one of the few municipalities that has not had to request authorization to borrow.
Mechanisms: Cost reduction. Not increase the tax burden. Austerity and accountability. Analysis of economic scenarios.
Products: Not...

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Transparency is the guiding principle of political and administrative activity of our council, to facilitate citizens effectively exercise their right to know, and allow them to carry out democratic control over public activities and the achievement of the planned objectives.
Objectives: 1) Restoring confidence of citizens towards the...

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Objective: Alcobendas City Council, to manage the interests of the City and within the scope of its powers, promote all kinds of activities and provide public services to meet the needs and aspirations of the neighbours. Exercises the powers under the terms of Law 7/1985 on Local Regime Law 27/2013 of December 27: Rationalization and...

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Objective: Reduce unemployment in the City
Mechanisms: Cost reduction. Not increase the tax burden. Austerity and accountability. Analysis of economic scenarios. Specific actions on employment.
Products: Develop active employment and employment policies (PDA 28); Improve job opportunities incorporating new advantages to increase...

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Mr. Ignacio García de Vinuesa: Mayor-President of the Alcobendas City Council: The work of my team in the Government, has been the leading a project whereby Alcobendas has grown on one side inward, improving the own social texture that gives shape and life to the city and on the other, in the projection of a model which guarantees the EXCELLENCE and INNOVATION of public management. Our neighbours have recovered a lost prominence and in which the Government has put at the service of the city, not forgetting a single moment that we are stewards of the confidence and resources that our fellow citizens have placed in our hands.
What defines us.
Alcobendas, a model of city: intelligent, sustainable, innovative, enterprising, united and committed to the quality of life.
An open, transparent and accountable City Council, committed to excellence in management, innovation and service quality to citizens
Govern and manage the City to provide quality services to citizens contributing to improving life quality.
- Focus on the Citizen.
- Austerity, cost consciousness and transparency.
- Citizen Participation.
- Focus on objectives and results.
- Culture of participation, innovation and improvement.
- Culture of collaboration and coordination.
Our core business

Alcobendas City Council is the public body that manages and runs the city, comprising the City Council itself and three boards: The Municipal Sports Council, the Board for Society and Culture and the Social Welfare Board.
The city of Alcobendas has a population of 113,919 and can be found to the north of Madrid. It ranks highly in quality...

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Our products and services

In addition to providing the services to which it is bound by law as security citizen, administration and collection of taxes, social services, protection of the consumer, urban transport, waste collection, maintenance and cleaning, etc...; The city of Alcobendas, provides other additional assuming other demands of the population, such as those...

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Our people

For the direct management of all public municipal activities, there are at present 1,322 public employees who fall into different levels, corresponding to the general categories of the Spanish Administration.

Company Data
Size of the organisation> 1000 employees
LocationAlcobendas, Spain
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