Andino Bilingüe School

Bronze Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Education sector

With the commitment to respond to the requirements and expectations of the community that requires a quality education, ANDINO BILINGUE SCHOOL decides to implement and develop the Certification of Excellence under the EFQM Model since 2007. Today we can demonstrate the way forward by presenting the following certifications:
* Level of...

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In order to combine initiatives that allowed the consolidation of the development of projects at the level of basic education that was also a motivator of student entrepreneurship, several steps were taken that allowed the designation of a space of 200 square meters inside the institution to the realization of projects and it was also possible...

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Is a pedagogial experience made by Andino Bilingüe School as a cooperative work followed by Juan Pablo of technical institute as a peace and future of official part . Its is a practice- Theory proposal to do in this manual to handle in the educative institute, work´s parents through worksheets called aula-hogar with activities and pedagogical...

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• Year 2009- Merit Medal Cross of CONACED. Recognition by the National Confederation of Teaching Centers as a school that with perseverance and quality demonstrates an educational service for more than 25 years.
• Year 2015 - Condecoration José Eusebio Caro. Recognition by the Government of the Norte de Santander Department as one of the...

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The Andino Bilingue School will be very pleased and committed to receive a visit from the COE to our facilities, which is why it is important to communicate with the Management to determine the planning of the trip. This communication can be made with Mery de Camacho by means of an email to The school day of our institution responds to calendar A, that is from February to November with vacations in the months between June and July.
What defines us.
To be in 2018 an outstanding educational institution in the motivation for research, the development of bilingual expression and the strengthening of values that transcend citizens' conscience and respect for the environment.
We are an institution founded to serve as a guide in the exploration of processes that generate in the community motivation towards the acquisition of knowledge and integral training with emphasis on a globalized vision with social and environmental responsibility for the benefit of its environment.
RESPECT: Self-evaluation. Courtesy in front of the other. EXCELLENCE: Always do your best. CREATIVITY: Doing things with originality and personal initiative. SPONTANEITY: Availability to share. SOLIDARITY: Support the other. Work in a team with ease. TOLERANCE: Be flexible and peaceful in front of others. HONESTY: Act with rectitude at all times. OVERCOMING: Interest in improving every day. LEADERSHIP: Mark the difference by example and responsibility
Our core business

Andino Bilingüe School is located in Bocono way 3-50 , Santander North department -Cucuta location Colombia as a comercial stablisment of INDAZA S.A that is a regional and familiar organization. The organization offers it’s educational service from the Pre-school level to the Secundary with a focus on the trajectory it has been in a competitive...

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Our products and services

It offers its students a platform for the development and learning of English and other subjects. Applies the certification test according to the Common European Framework in the English language for grades 5 and 11. In it’s day of study offers to students and to it’s personnel the service of restaurant and ludic activities like strengthening of...

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Our people

Andino Bilingüe School has nineteen teachers from preeschool, primary and secondary also it has six employers of general services and ten administrative employers. Our staff are proactive, spontaneous, responsible and committed to their work within the framework of a Strategic Plan, a coherent document to the Institutional Educational Project....

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Company Data
Size of the organisation< 250 employees
LocationCúcuta, Colombia
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