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Adding value to customers

Adding value to customers by understanding what matters most to them.
Our approach to customer service is one whereby we put them at the heart of everything we do. We have always engaged with our customers to establish what their priorities are, however in 2014 we introduced a more advanced approach, using the UK Customer Satisfaction...

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Creating a sustainable future

Creating a sustainable future – by using a Business Model that creates social dividend.
WDH has Business Strategy that sets out a Business Model based on maximising our social dividend to deliver bold ambitions for transforming the Wakefield district.
Our Business Model underpins our Vision by supporting the delivery of growth,...

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Leading with Vision

Leading with Vision, inspiration and integrity, through the WDH DNA.
Central to our leadership approach is the Excellence Framework Model that focusses on ways of working and expectations, qualities and behaviours of our people. This is explained in our DNA – Determination, Nous and Attitude that are used from as part of the appointment...

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Digital transformation

Business transformation through digital development
Over the past few years, we have undergone a digital transformation and continues to work towards its ambition to become a digital business. This year was a significant in digital advancement; as well as further developing our online services, introducing online repairs ordering and...

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‘In the 12 years since we were formed, WDH has delivered promises and improved lives and is on a journey to achieve our Vision of ‘creating confident communities’. EFQM has played an important role in helping us to become the successful business we now are, and we are proud to have been regional and national winners in the UK and a European finalist twice, becoming a prize winner in 2013 for ‘adding value for customers’ and ultimately becoming European Business of the Year in 2015. Most importantly, the feedback along the journey to excellence’s assessment process has been invaluable, using it to make key improvements to how we operate and we are looking forward to continuing to improve in the years ahead.’ Kevin Dodd, Chief Executive
What defines us.
To create confident communities, making real change through social outcomes, so people believe we care, have trust in us, are local, open to challenge and transparent.
To inspire, transform and promote excellence
To be creative – encouraging ideas and innovation;
To be inclusive – treating everyone fairly; and
To work with integrity – being open and honest.
Our core business

WDH (Wakefield and District Housing) is a non-profit charitable independent housing association. We provide a range of affordable housing as well as providing services that improve the social value for people. WDH manage and repair 45,000 properties in the north of England, including 31,600 owned properties in the Wakefield district.

Our products and services

We primarily manage, build and acquire a range of accommodation types wherever it is in our business interest to do so. In addition, we provide a range of value added products for older people, people with health challenges as well as getting people back into employment. We have a genuine desire and passion to care for our customers and to do...

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Our people

We employ over 1,400 people, including a multi skilled workforce of 575 specialists who maintain and build properties. We have a range of specialist skills in WDH ranging from lawyers through to mental health workers. Employee satisfaction has risen from 67% in 2010 to 85% in 2016. We encourage an atmosphere of innovation and ideas through...

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Company Data
Size of the organisation> 1000 employees
LocationWest Yorkshire , United Kingdom
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