Platinum Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Healthcare sector
From people excellence for people

VAMED-KMB has been sixfold Prize Winner at the EFQM Excellence Award: 2010 in Succeeding through People, 2012 in Creativity & Innovation, 2013 in Succeeding through the Talent of People and 2015 in Adding Value for Customers. In 2018 our company has been awarded in two categories: “Succeeding through the talent of people” and “Harnessing...

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Organisational Capability and Agility

VAMED-KMB has developed over many years a very close relationship with its customers with open teamwork at all levels. Constructive communications with the customers at the operational level ensures a smooth process even across the organisational boundary. VAMED-KMB manages the technology that is needed to run the customer’s facilities in an...

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Creating a Sustainable Future

VAMED-KMB contributes significantly to sustainable healthcare in Vienna by realizing the construction projects at the Vienna General Hospital – the biggest hospital in Austria and one of the biggest in Europe. The Viennese population relies heavily on the services of the Vienna General Hospital. Modernising this hospital in time and within cost...

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Sustaining Outstanding Results

On its excellence path VAMED-KMB continuously improved its results. This encompasses e.g. the financial results, annual efficiency increases for the customer and at the same time customer and employee satisfaction increases. Additionally VAMED-KMB takes responsibility for the environment (CO2-reductions three times the Kyoto target at the Vienna...

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VAMED-KMB is a long term and highly integrated partner of the City of Vienna. For us it is paramount to proactively identify and respond to change and be ready for opportunities such as the construction projects at the Vienna General Hospital that are among the most extensive and complex constructions during ongoing hospital operations in Europe. Through all of this the EFQM model is a valuable and constant companion. Our EFQM achievements motivate us greatly to go for the extra mile.
What defines us.
As front runners in the field of planning, constructing and operating complex health care facilities we want to be a partner in shaping the future of the Viennese healthcare system.
We provide excellent technical management and construction services and through that offer synergy potentials for the greater benefit of society. Based on our strength in innovation and implementation we set standards in the healthcare sector.
Our excellence is due to our employees and benefits the clinical staff and the patients of the health care facilities we serve. Therefore our value principle is from people excellence for people.
Our core business

VAMED-KMB is a subsidiary of VAMED, the leading international provider of a full line of services for health care facilities. It is a long term and acknowledged partner of the Vienna Hospital Association, the Vienna General Hospital and the Medical University of Vienna who are major players in the international field of cutting edge medicine....

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Our products and services

VAMED-KMB's services encompass the planning and realization of construction projects during ongoing hospital operations as well as a wide range of technical management operations, such as electrical and communication engineering, HVACR and sanitary technology, infrastructure and structural engineering as well as maintenance of medical equipment...

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Our people

VAMED-KMB has approx. 1,000 employees. The organisation manages its clients’ facilities and provides the necessary technical operations mostly by own staff. To do this, VAMED-KMB has 30 registered licences in the crafts sector. Furthermore, the organisation's people comprise specialists in waste management, energy management, logistics,...

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Company Data
Size of the organisation> 1000 employees
LocationVienna, Austria
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