Sakarya University

Platinum Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Education sector
Sakarya University Information System

The most important competence of Sakarya University is to support processes with the information systems developed by the university itself. SABİS is the main information management system (university management platform) of these systems consisting of 70 integrated modules for the use of academic and administrative staff, students and visitors....

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Student and Learning Centred Approach

Within the scope of Restructuring of the Education and Training Programme change management project launched in 2007, goals and competences of all the programmes have been identified and course plans, schedules, course descriptions have been updated in accordance with The National Qualification Framework for Higher Education in Turkey and in...

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Applied Training Programs (+1 Models)

First, “3+1 Applied Training Model” was developed in 2010 with the aim of improving applied training facilities and increasing employment rate of Vocational Schools. Within the scope of this training model, the education process is conducted at school for three semesters and continues in private and public institutions for one semester. After...

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Only university with prizes in Turkey

EFQM Excellence Journey of Sakarya University has begun in 2006. Sakarya University has got Turkish National Excellence Award in 2010 and Turkish Award in Sustainability for Excellence in 2013. In 2015, Sakarya University has achieved EFQM Excellence Prize Level at Developing Organizational Capability concept. Therefore, Sakarya University is...

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Highest accreditations in Turkey

As the strategic goal, Sakarya University institutionally supports the programme accreditation and provides necessary systems and structures for the academic departments of the university. The quality assurance approach of Sakarya University is compatible with the institutional and programme level accreditation standards. This provides that 40...

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Rising in the university rankings

As the result of goal-oriented university management, Sakarya University has realized improvements in rising of position in the university ranking. One of these rankings is “Entrepreneurial and Innovative University Index” and Sakarya University has risen from 45th position in 2014 to 25th position in 2016. The other university ranking is “The...

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There is no need to develop different approaches for different aspects such as institutional or programme accreditations, quality management system, enterprise management system etc. the EFQM Excellence Model provides a holistic and integrated approaches to all of these aspects. We have validated this claim through external assessments from different and independent organizations such as European University Association Institutional Evaluation Program, EFQM Excellence Award, Institutional Evaluation Program of Higher Education Council of Turkey, The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business etc.
What defines us.
To become a university that shapes the future of its stakeholders both in Turkey and in the world by means of its universally accepted information and technology produced.
To educate entrepreneurs who contribute to the commonly shared core values of humanity and to produce information, technology and service with universal appeal.
• To believe in the universal nature of science
• To promote academic freedom
• To maintain governance
• To prevail continuous improvement
• To abide by ethical principles
Our core business

The core business of Sakarya University consists of three main areas. The first area is the national and international higher education services at three levels for students. In the second area, Sakarya University carries out research activities for public and private institutions. The scope of third area is to provide support services for...

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Our products and services

Sakarya University delivers associate, bachelor, master and doctorate’s degree programmes as higher education services. In the scope of research and development activities, Sakarya University produces scientific publications, patents, laboratory tests and experiments by carrying out scientific projects and knowledge creation. Sakarya University...

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Our people

People of Sakarya University consists of two main groups: academic and administrative staff. According to current numbers, Sakarya University has 1915 academic and 726 administrative staff. Based on academic title, the numbers of academic staff are 232 professors, 209 associate professors, 517 assistant professors, 566 research assistants and...

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Company Data
Size of the organisation> 1000 employees
LocationSakarya, Turkey
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