Grupo Lar

Silver Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Education sector
Project - IPAD

The main pointsin which this project is based on and that has encouraged usto bet for it are: the motivation of the pupils for working with the New Technologies, the improvement of their attention span, the acquisition of habits of work, a personalised education and, especially, the level of excellence purchased in the ICT.

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The project HEALTHY LIFE started during 2015/16, although before that date made different activities headed to improve and boost good habits: nutritional, healthy and hygienic habits our students. It is in 2015/16 when we decided do make it real with some aims and criteria perfectly defined that it serves us to consolidate it in this year,...

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The Travelling Book was born as a way to promote a closer relationship among families and the school through the elaboration of a book in the classroom which will travel to the students' homes every week writing down their own experiences. The aims that mark this project are:
- Involving families in the work of classroom work.

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In GRUPO LAR we have a management process system, properly documented and implemented, which is subject to monitoring and improvement in function of the degree of compliance with establish objectives based on the ISO Quality Standars and in particular, as mean of management suggested by the EFQM model.
What defines us.
- To be leaders in the use of innovative methodologies, both pedagogical and technological.
- Offering all levels of mandatory education.
- Develop internal policies aimed at work life, personal and family conciliation.
Our educational task is based on the following principles:
- To educate our students in an optimal coexistence environment among all the members of the educational community (pupils, teachers, parents).
- Obtain habits of order and responsability from our pupils, holding them responsable of their rights and duties.
The pupil is important as it is the future. Pupils learn from the perspective of a comprehensive educatiom.
To have a qualified team of teachers as well as specialists in Psychopedagogy that make it possible for the pupils to reach the highest levels of personal and intelectual development.
To boast facilities and modern functional resources.
To be in permanent touch with the legal guardians, pupils and our own staff in order to know the degree of satisfaction about our services and to work together to improve them.
Our core business

The main objective we have set is basically to establish and define a few clear and firm lines that place us as a reference in the field of education. There on we seek to achieve a financial stability that allows us to mantain a supported growth of the company and encourage us to do so. Our leadership will be secure by consolidating our school...

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Our products and services

Colegio LAR, S.L. (from 1968).- Childhood eduaction, Primary education, Secondary education, Baccalaureate, and Vocational Training.
Enseñanzas Medias LAR, S.L. Non-formal teaching training system (training the unempoyed, Ongoing proffesional training, e-learning,...
Servicios de Autobús LAR, S.L. Road passenger transport (school...

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Our people

Grupo LAR (Colegio LAR, Enseñanzas Medias LAR and Servicios de Autobús LAR) has a staff of employees that is around 80-85 employees.

Company Data
Size of the organisation< 250 employees
LocationPontevedra, Spain
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