Sanitas Hospitales

Platinum Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Healthcare sector

The Sanitas Hospitales centres have designed and set up their Humanisation Plan that covers all kinds of actions focussing on respect for our patients, minimising the inconvenience they may feel due to hospitalisation, nearness to our most vulnerable patients, such as children, and access to the centres.

Different actions are...

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Sanitas Hospitales holds accreditation for its centres by the International Joint Commission and participates actively in the Top 20 Hospitals Programme benchmark by Iasist, sharing its results to allow indicator comparison and improvement throughout the whole sector. According to this national benchmark, the Sanitas hospitals show considerably...

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9 out of every 10 people who have been attended at our hospitals actively recommend us to their relatives and friends according to the Net Promoter Score studies hospitals regularly conduct among patients who have sought solutions to their health issues from our professionals.
The aspects that are most appreciated are empathetic...

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Hospitales Sanitas has no footprint, at least carbon footprint. It has systematically reduced its volume of carbon emissions over the last 4 years with a total of 349 tonnes less carbon emitted. This has been possible through commitment by all the professionals at the centres, who have been helped by the support teams, that has allowed them to...

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Jesús Bonilla, General Manager of Sanitas Hospitales The success of the experience or patients have is the result of different factors: care for the people who trust us with their health, aiming to improve and innovate the way we attend to patient needs, training our professionals and use spearhead technology. That success may be specified in a single word: confidence. The people who come to our professionals trust that they will obtain a solution to their health issues, with the Sanitas guarantee. That is our main strength and our greatest pride.
What defines us.
We are specialists in health and wellbeing who care for people throughout their lives, with customised solutions for their health and wellbeing issues.
Our corporate mission is to help our clients and increasingly more people to enjoy longer, healthier, happier lives.
We are full of energy and inspiration; we like what we do and why we do it.
We treat people generously and with respect. We are concerned about everything and care for all.
We seek new ideas and different points of view.
We are true to ourselves, frank and honest.
We are involved and try to turn projects into realities.
We are brave and dare to experiment.
We go further, we always try to do our best.
Our core business

Attention and care are our core business. We are committed to the wellbeing and health of our clients and our comprehensive health model is based on proven excellent healthcare, innovation in serving the patient and the wide range of our portfolio of health products and services.

Our products and services

There are three factors that define our health products and services: the permanent search for excellence, concentrating on people’s needs and the ability to adapt our offer to the each patient’s needs, regardless of location, in our of our hospitals, at a medical centre, at a wellbeing centre, at home through our Sanitas Acude service, or...

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Our people

Sanitas Hospitales is a knowledge based company, with a total 4,867 professionals committed to the same philosophy of patient service throughout our national network of hospitals and 20 medical centres. We have the advantage of the majority of our staff being care professionals, which adds the value of knowledge and dedication to people’s health.

Company Data
Size of the organisation> 1000 employees
LocationMadrid, Spain
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