Diputació de Tarragona - Área de Coneixement i Qualitat

Gold Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Public sector
Strategic planning: projects & services

At the beginning of each mandate, we define a strategic plan by following a process that has been established since 2004. The strategic principles established are deployed as follows: Vision -> Strategic/Annual Aims and Projects; Mission ->Processes and Procedures; Values -> Individual Talents. The Vision part is implemented in 10...

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ACTIO digital platform

The Regional Government of Tarragona promotes the implantation of the new ACTIO digital platform, which is a system of automated administrative services for local bodies that promotes a more efficient relationship between both administrative bodies and between administrative bodies and the public.
The implementation of this platform...

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The Document Management System

Public administrative procedures are based on a series of documents that are ordered into files. We possess a system that manages the documents and files created during the organisation’s activities. This system considers the entire life cycle of the documents, from their creation to their storage. The Document Management System includes...

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The knowledge management system (BI)

During 2008 we began an innovative Business Intelligence (BI) process that allows the management of information that has been created and which takes decisions based on reliable and structured information. The BI system is implemented on three levels:
1. Data Warehouse: once data from different sources has been gathered, it is then...

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The Corporate Improvement System

The management of organisational information sources (monitoring, reports, experiences, etc.) leads to opportunities for improvement that people are able to identify. Once these opportunities have been identified, it will be determined whether: a) it is known how they can be implemented, or b) it is necessary to undertake a process involving the...

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For some time now the Regional Government of Tarragona, has been aware of the need for a reference model that showed us the way ahead on our journey to excellence. We are convinced that public service and excellence must go hand in hand, as this is how administrative bodies become both fully efficient and effective, while attaining and maintaining an exceptional level of management, whose effects are seen and felt by the public. We have attained the EFQM 500+ award thanks to the efforts of all those who work in the Regional Government of Tarragona. This recognition has transformed us into a name of reference for other administrative bodies, and it has aligned us with institutions, organisations and companies from many places, who have opted for continued improvement as the central core of their activities.
What defines us.
The Coneixement i Qualitat Area seeks to:
• To act as a reference in the excellent management of Information Technology, within the region of Catalonia.
• To create and offer a technological platform that allows the rapid and integrated automation of a large part of the services offered by local administration bodies.
The Coneixement i Qualitat Area mission involves the following:
a) The management of Information Technology in order to:
• Aid the Regional Government of Tarragona implement its strategy.
• Help improve efficiency in those processes handled by local administrative bodies.
b) Managing excellence by implementing organisational foci and techniques in order to put a corporate management system of excellence into practice.
- Integrity: firmly maintaining internal coherence in order to ensure reliability.
- Interpersonal relationships: generating the appropriate emotional climate for establishing a good relationship with all interest groups.
- Teamwork: creating cooperative behaviour among the members of the organisation in order to facilitate the achievement of objectives.
- Continuous improvement: promoting an attitude of personal and group improvement and innovation to improve the organisation.
- Attaining results: promoting the achievement of balanced results and being motivated to achieve them.
- Transparency: guaranteeing openness in the management and use of those resources that the company places at our disposal.
Our core business

The Regional Government of Tarragona is a public administrative body that belongs to the supra-municipal government, and which provides services to the municipalities in the regions of the Camp de Tarragona and the Terres de l'Ebre in order to improve the quality of life of their inhabitants. This body offers the following services to each of...

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Our products and services

The Coneixement i Qualitat Service Catalogue includes all those IT applications that support the provision of corporate services, whether these are external or internal, in addition to those services related to technological infrastructures. It also includes support services for the Corporate Management System, which is closely linked to the...

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Our people

Coneixement i Qualitat comprises 45 staff members. These employees are specialists in their respective fields, with a willingness to work in the public service sector and a comprehensive aim that focuses on excellence in the field of technology.

Company Data
Size of the organisation< 250 employees
LocationTarragona, Spain
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