Instituto de Informática, I.P.

Bronze Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Public sector
Control Center Operations

Operations Control Center has as its primary objective to monitor and control all incidents recorded in the IT infrastructure in support of the Social Security Information System and the other information systems of the Ministry of Labor Solidarity and Social Security, as well as to ensure the necessary articulation between the various teams to...

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Interoperability Services Platform

Interoperability Services Platform is a service platform that provides a set of services to companies, allowing the direct link between business management software and the Social Security Information System, reducing the costs of context and simplifying the processes associated with compliance with the legal obligations of companies towards the...

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Online Remuneration

As part of the digital transformation process underway at the Ministry of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security, it was implemented a functionality on the Social Security Direct Portal that allows companies to register, correct, consult their employees' remunerations, ensuring timely compliance of this legal obligation of companies with the...

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Integrity and Transparency Plan

The Integrity and Transparency Plan (PIT), which establishes a set of principles and rules of ethical and deontological nature, underlying the principles of public service ethics was developed in 2016.
The Integrity and Transparency Plan integrates:
• Prevention Plan for Corruption Risks and Related Offenses
• Code of Ethics...

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Reception and Integration Program

The Reception and Integration Program is a formal program to welcome new employees, composed of a set of activities, to be carried out by the employees during the first three months of work at the Institute, with the following objectives:
• Accelerate and promote knowledge and integration of new employees in the organization's culture;

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Since 2008, the Instituto Informática, IP has defined and implemented an Integrated Management System, based on a process approach, committed to continuously improve its Management System in all its components: Quality, Information Security, IT Services and Social Responsibility, as well as the products and services it makes available, permanently reassessing the System, using as a framework the EFQM Excellence Model. The Instituto Informática, IP is committed to the continuous improvement of its management system, to the innovation of its services and products, to the transparency of its processes, to the competence of its people, to the responsibility of management and, therefore, has guided its strategy towards excellence. In this sense, since 2007, the Instituto Informática has been recognized at the level of best practices in quality management, IT service management, information security management, and management system: • 2007: Recognition Committed to Excellence EFQM; • 2008: Certification by the normative reference NP EN ISO 9001: 2008; • 2009: Certification by the normative reference ISO / IEC 27001: 2005; Recognition R4E 4 stars EFQM; • 2010: Certification by the normative reference ISO / IEC 20000-1: 2005; • 2011: Renewal of the certification by the normative reference NP EN ISO 9001: 2008; • 2012: Renewal of R4E Recognition with 4 stars EFQM. • 2014: Renewal of R4E Recognition with 3 stars EFQM and certification by ISO / IEC 20000-1: 2011. • 2015: Renewal of the certification by the normative reference ISO / IEC 20000-1: 2011. • 2016: Renewal of certification by ISO / IEC 20000-1: 2011 and Renewal of R4E Recognition with 3 stars EFQM
What defines us.
Being recognized for transforming in an innovative and sustainable way the relationship of the Citizen with the public administration, affirming the differentiation and excellence of our service.
Define and propose the policies and strategies of information and communication technologies, ensuring the planning, design, execution and evaluation of the initiatives of computerization and technological updating of the Ministry of Labor Solidarity and Social Security.
Innovation because we believe in the continuous ability to explore new ideas and solutions that transform the relationship of the citizen with the public administration.
Trust because we fulfill our commitments, we take risks responsibly.
Competence because we value the contributions of people, promoting communication and teamwork. Together, we got a job of excellence.
Transparency because we are ethically responsible, we believe in accountability and in the sound management of public money.
Our core business

The Instituto Informática, I.P. focuses its activity around 3 major themes: definition and evolution of the architecture of the social security information system; software development, management and administration of infrastructure, systems and communications.

Our products and services

The Instituto Informática, I.P. provides a set of services and solutions in terms of technical support, communications and infrastructure, software development and maintenance, training and information management. Ensuring the adequacy, management, maintenance and evolution of the Social Security Information System, as well as the knowledge for...

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Our people

The Instituto Informática, IP count a total of 295 employees, concentrating in the IT function 76% of the employees. 222 employees work at the headquarters in Oeiras and the remaining 73 are distributed throughout the country (North, Center, Lisbon, South), with 5 local support teams providing technical support to the national social security...

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Company Data
Size of the organisationBetween 250 & 1000 employees
LocationPorto Salvo, Portugal
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