Fundación Balia por la Infancia

Bronze Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Not for profit sector

In Balia, we consider the Balia Educational Model (MEB) the heart and reason of our entity. The MEB includes the general objectives that unify and give meaning to all Balia projects within the framework of our mission, pedagogical principles and educational foundations. The MEB guarantees that all our projects focus on the development of...

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We consider the Financing of our activity as second strategic line because without financial collaboration we could not develop the strategic line MEB. These two lines are intimately linked and are guided by some common concepts / principles.


The third strategic line has to do with what Balia does beyond direct intervention with people he attends.

FB is dedicated to developing quality social intervention programs with people at risk of social exclusion in order to equip them with the necessary tools for their proper integration.   All members of FB must contribute to the achievement of this goal so it is necessary that we know and share the following principles: • The improvement of the social situation of our users is the guide of each of our actions. • All our programs adjust the intervention to the needs of our beneficiaries. • The veracity and transparency are present in all the steps we take. • The positive differentiation of FB is achieved through the professionalization of the services we offer (each intervention program is directed and executed by qualified professionals with experience in the fields of the program), systemic intervention (our intervention is not based only on actions on the direct beneficiary but with all those factors that influence the socially disadvantaged situation of them) and personalized and individualized attention in cases that are required. In order to achieve excellence, FB's Management assumes this Policy, which is developed in our Quality Management System and which is mandatory for all FB components.
What defines us.
The Balia Foundation intends to be a benchmark in the field of Childhood and Youth, spreading its mission with the opening of other integration projects in places deemed socially necessary.
Its mission is to promote the social inclusion of disadvantaged children, and is implemented in underprivileged communities of the national territory where there is a high rate of immigration. It also engages in activities in depressed communities and in other countries through collaboration with local counterparts.
Balia Foundation promotes and implements detailed pedagogical projects that prevent abandonment and isolation, combat school failure and promote education in values, offering behavioral guidelines that can be internalized and that allow children to develop as integrated adults.
Our core business

Fundación Balia is a non-profit organization, with no political affiliation or religious denomination, which since 2001 has been fighting against child poverty in Spain through education.

Its educational model, based on education in values and the development of emotional intelligence and talent, seeks to combat school failure,...

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Our products and services

BALIA CHILDREN MADRID: projects aimed at children between 3 and 12 years of age who are at risk of social exclusion.
Projects: Centro Balia Latina, Centro Balia Tetuán, Colonias Urbanas, Program of Socio-Educational Intervention in Schools Aula Balia, and Weekend.

BALIA IN OTHER CITIES: Projects aimed at children from 3 to...

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Our people

In 2016, the Foundation Balia assisted 4,831 minors and their families and had a team of 126 professionals and 325 volunteers who worked for the future of the minors.

Company Data
SectorNot for profit
Size of the organisation< 250 employees
LocationMadrid, Spain
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