Mina Pública D'Aigües De Terrassa

Bronze Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Public sector
Letter of Commitments to the customer of MINA, AIGÜES DE TERRASSA

Commitment: In mid / late 2007, in the working group for the improvement of customer satisfaction, it was proposed to establish a Decalogue of commitments to the client, both in terms of increasing external trust in our Company as well as for the establishment of systems of measurement of certain parameters of our management and, at the same...

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Since the founding of the company in 1842, the concern for giving a good service has been constant. Thus, in 1998 we were certified according to UNE-EN ISO 9001; in 2000 according to the environmental standard UNE-EN ISO 14,001, and in 2001 according to the EMAS Regulation. The laboratory is accredited according to UNE EN ISO / IEC 17.025 since 2002. Immersed in a process of continuous improvement, in 2009 the first self-assessment was carried out according to the EFQM model, obtaining the seal EFQM 400+ in 2012, which was renewed in 2014 and 2016. In 2015 we were certified according to the management system of food safety UNE-EN ISO 22,000 and according to OHSAS UNE-EN ISO 18,001.
What defines us.
A reference in the economic and social life of our geographical environment, as well as beyond our city and region, reaffirming the permanent will to serve the community in all its areas of action.
Serving individuals, families, businesses and institutions, in accordance with our most traditional corporate value; surpassing and reaching new business milestones, with the intention to grow and develop in all possible activities, especially those related to the water cycle, energy and environment.
Our code of action is based on the following values:

- In external and internal relations, compliance with legislation with common sense and with which legal doctrine has been understood as good faith. And beyond this, build relations of mutual loyalty.
- Respect for the person, the willingness to serve and the creation of social welfare.
- The preservation and respect of the environment.
- The continuous improvement of the products and services offered by the organization.
- The legitimate economic development of the organization, without which the previous milestones could not be achieved.
Our core business

The management of catchment, treatment, pumping, storage and distribution of drinking water and its analytical control.

Our products and services

Our products are drinking water and the environmental analytics of water and wastewater (physic-chemical and microbiological).

Our people

The total number of people working in Mina Pública d’Aigües de Terrassa is 129. The percentage of women in the workforce is 29%. The permanent staff is 97.6%. The percentage of people with disabilities is 2.4%, which exceeds the 2% set by Law 13/1982 on social integration of people with disability for more than 50 company employees, but through...

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Company Data
Size of the organisation< 250 employees
LocationBarcelona, Spain
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