Cabinet d'orthodontie BECKER & Associés

Platinum Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Healthcare sector
Innovation: part of our DNA

Innovation is totally embedded in our organisation and processes at all levels. It is supported by an active investment policy with a view to constantly maximise our patient experience, orthodontic treatment performance, efficiency of processes, and long-term development and sustainability.
We are pioneers in our sector for new...

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Adding value to patients

Caring for the patient with Excellence is at the centre of all our processes, policies and work methodologies.
The distribution of the sites, our operational model and clinical processes enable our patients to be treated in convenient locations in a performing, systematic and yet personalized manner, interacting with other medical...

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Involvement of our staff

We have developed a wide range of approaches and tools to closely involve our staff in the operation of our practice, our decision-making process, on-going reviews and improvement cycles, using an in-house system of ‘delegation under supervision’
We introduced and regularly improved our in-house MAX system, an optional, monthly...

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President John Fitzgerald Kennedy had a vision in 1962: ‘we choose to go to the Moon (…) not because it is easy, but because it is hard.‘ Indeed, Excellence is a difficult and demanding choice. It requires a strong leadership, continuous improvements of our practices and strategy, competent and motivated staff, exceeding the needs of our stakeholders…always pushing the limit ! To us, Excellence is no longer a choice, it is a necessity.
What defines us.
We position ourselves as the Referential Leader in Orthodontics in the Great Region for the excellence of the 5 ‘S’:
1. SMILE: ensure an excellent smile due to our competences in dento-facial orthopedics
2. SANTE (health): contribute to our patients’ family dental and oral hygiene life-long hygiene
3. SERVICES: ensure sustainable excellent, personalized and secured care
4. SATISFACTION: guarantee the highest satisfaction level of all our stakeholders
5. SELF-CONFIDENCE: generate 360-degree mutual trust with all our stakeholders
Our mission is to carry out with Excellence a diagnosis, active orthodontic treatment and follow-up of medical care in line with our patients’ personalized orthodontic needs and expectations, with a view to
• Bring a ‘smile for life’ to our patients
• Thanks to our competent, involved and recognised medical and services staff
• As a responsible stakeholder in the society
We have identified our values commonly shared in the Group as follows:
Ethics, Deontology and Respect of the Patient - we work in total human, medical, ethical respect of our patients
Mutual Loyalty - we value loyalty, openness, transparency and mutual fairness
Innovation – we strongly believe in new techniques and technologies for a better comfort, care and treatment in the interest of our patients
Professionalism – we want to show a high level of competence, ability and tact in caring for our patients.
Safety - we commit to the highest hygiene, safety and protection standards during the whole treatment processes in a working environment for our patients and personnel
Equal opportunity and mutual respect - we guarantee total ethics, equal opportunity and professional respect to our patients and personnel
Culture of clinical results – our doctors commit to the highest medical performance in therapeutic care, based on scientific data in full respect of the patient’s individuality and free choice.
Our core business

Cabinet d’orthodontie BECKER & Associés is a private dental practice group based in Luxembourg specialized exclusively in orthodontics to the benefit of children and adults. The objective is to provide an overall personalized care to patients across the country using classic orthodontic devices (removable plates, classical buccal-side...

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Our products and services

Classic orthodontic devices - removable plates, classical buccal-side braces, lingual-side ‘invisible’ braces, removable ‘invisible’ aligner systems, whether for mechanical reasons (strengthening of teeth and jaws, masticatory rehabilitation) or aesthetic motivations.

Our people

Our Human Resources are the most valuable asset of our organization with a strong, engaged and committed team of 10 Doctors and 38 staff.
Our Doctors have complementary high-level medical skills, knowledge and expertise in various cutting-edge technologies offering our patients an open choice of performing and innovative orthodontic...

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Company Data
Size of the organisation< 250 employees
LocationLuxembourg, Luxembourg
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