Robert Bosch GmbH, Plant Blaichach/Immenstadt (BhP)

Platinum Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Automotive sector
Strategy Development

The strategy development process is used as a driver for necessary and intended change. The importance of making the strategy known to all employees has been recognized and is appropriately addressed. Based on the three strategic pillars (Excellence-Innovation-Future) strategic fields have been identified, each sponsored by a member of the...

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All Under One Roof

“All under one roof” describes a unique condition at BhP, where all necessary competencies and facilities for the whole product life cycle (incl. the manufacture machinery engineering) are available on site. By providing an environment where product design, process design, sample shop, special machinery engineering, ramp-up, production and...

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BhP Lead Plant & IPN Performance

BhP is successfully leading an International Production Network (IPN) for the sake of a common optimum by using the strengths of all partners. Through a structured continuous improvement process in the entire IPN based on the extensive use of data generated by Industrie 4.0 methods, significant improvements in the IPN value streams could be...

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Leadership Principles and Processes

BhP has a defined leadership role model behavior which is continuously developed by the leadership workshop process: each year, all BhP managers and a selection of employees come together for a leadership workshop to discuss and improve the common approaches. Resonance groups on all levels continuously work on follow up leadership topics. In the...

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Energy Management

Embedded in the CSR strategy, the Energy Management approach combines commercial, technical and societal dimensions of the plant and contribute to the Environment Vi-sion 2030 (strategic approach to be an CO2 neutral plant). Using the transparency of energy & process information for the continuous monitoring and optimization of the...

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CSR, “Tat vor Ort”

Through this awarded approach, the apprentices of BhP, learn in real-life experience not only how to manage projects within time and budget, but also how BhP lives its social responsibility. Each apprentice takes part in a “Tat vor Ort” project, i.e. a project which a social aspect. The young employees are trained in operational skills and at...

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In 2006, BhP has started to use the EFQM Excellence approach as part of the Chassis System Control division and was recognized as an EFQM Prize Winner in 2011 for leading with vision, inspiration & integrity. In 2012, WE AT BhP have announced the EFQM model as THE management guideline for the conversion of our plant. Starting with the R4E assessment in 2012, we carried out – including 2017- 6 assessments to determine our actual status on the way to excellence. The feedback of the assessors gave us valuable hints on how to improve our processes. The consistent work on potentials for improvement and strengths have enabled us to achieve prize winner level in the EEA process already during our first attempt in 2015 for “Managing with Agility” and in the 2016 EEA process to be winner of two prices for “Sustaining Outstanding Results” & “Creating a Sustainable Future”. Within these years we have performed 3 good practice days to benchmark our excellence activities with other best-in-class companies. Our credo is to know our strengths and potentials, to create a clear strategy, to implement fast, to improve continuously and to celebrate our achievements.
What defines us.
Our guiding theme „WE AT BhP” includes professionalism and personal engagement. To realize this, we use our EXCELLENCE-INNOVATION-FUTURE strategy.
Based on the strategy BhP is driving sustainable improvement in 3 different areas:
- Production Plant (excellent production competence at a competitive cost level)
- Lead Plant & Special Machinery Engineering (enable excellent performance of the entire international production network)
- Think Tank (leading the product and process development process to reach best preconditions for competitive quality, cost and delivery).
Bosch has always been a value-driven company. Many of our values can be traced back to our founder Robert Bosch, other values have changed or have arisen over the decades. Our values reflect the manner in which we run our business: Our professional ethics in dealing with our business partners, investors, employees and society.
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Our core business

Bosch Blaichach/Immenstadt Plant (BhP) is a manufacturing plant with a wide automotive product portfolio. As a lead plant within the international production network of the Chassis Systems Control Division, BhP coordinates 11 plants worldwide. With development departments on-site BhP offers international engineering services and close to...

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Our products and services

BhP manufactures electronic brake control systems (ABS and ESP®) as well as sys-tems for electric and hybrid vehicles, powertrain components such as injection technology, turbochargers and engine management sensors, video sensors as well as production lines for the international production network

Our people

Currently (mid 2017) BhP has roughly 3.500 employees, 25% of them are female which is double the actual average of our industry. The average age of our employees is 42 years (43 in 2015). BhP is taking care of the demographic change with various activities linked to our strategy, targeting to be a pioneer for flexible, demographical oriented...

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Company Data
Size of the organisation> 1000 employees
LocationImmenstadt, Germany
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