Gold Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Energy sector
Experts in natural gas networks

Enagás is a growing company whose strategy is based on creating value through operating efficiency and maintaining growth moving forward.
Over the course of our almost 50-year history we have developed the key infrastructures for the Spanish Gas System, transforming it into a benchmark for security and diversification of supply.

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Leaders in Sustainability

Sustainability as the framework for the development of our business is one of our strategic priorities, and a commitment shared by all the professionals who work for the company. Our Sustainable Management Model, based on innovation and continuous improvement, has positioned the company as a global sustainability leader: we have been...

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Key role in the energy transition

Enagás is committed to the use of natural gas as the least polluting fossil fuel and, therefore, key to the power generation mix for meeting greenhouse gas effect emission reduction targets and allowing the development of more efficient renewable energies; as well as replacing other fossil fuels as we move towards more sustainable mobility in...

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Committed to action on climate change

Our approach to climate change management is based on public commitment, emission reduction measures and the reporting of our performance and results, as well as the extending of our commitment to our supply chain.
In the last two years, we have reduced a 50% our carbon footprint (verified in accordance with the ISO 14064 standard),...

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We are entrepreneur and innovative

We perceive innovation as an attitude, a way of working that enables us to make ideas to improve efficiency, competitiveness and sustainability. Our Open Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship Programme, Enagás Emprende, provides with resources to develop business ideas or entrepreneurial projects. The objectives of the programme are:

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Only the companies with excellent people are excellent. Thus, 10 years ago we adopted the EFQM model as a key assessment tool in our sustainable management model. Since then, we have achieved leadership in our sector, being awarded with the highest excellence acknowledgement in Europe: the Seal of European Excellence EFQM 500+. This encourages us to continue our journey towards excellence in management. Moreover, we are proud of being considered as a point of reference for other companies working along this line. Marcelino Oreja, CEO
What defines us.
To be a national and international standard bearer in the development and management of gas infrastructures, promoting their use by offering innovative services that contribute to sustainable development.
To develop and manage gas infrastructure in a secure, efficient and sustainable manner; complying responsibly with prevailing legislation and helping guarantee supply, particularly in our role as the Technical System Manager in Spain; offering our experience, knowledge and best practices to create value for our stakeholders.
Efficiency: We optimize the use of available resources to achieve the goals set.
Transparency: We provide reliable information to all our stakeholders.
Innovation: We develop new ideas that allow us to improve.
Integrity: We behave ethically and responsibly.
Sustainability: We create value taking into account economic, social and environmental criteria.
Security: We work taking care of our facilities, employees and environment.
Teamwork: We encourage collaboration between people for better results.
Our core business

Enagás is an international standard bearer in the development and maintenance of gas infrastructures and in the operation and management of complex gas networks. It is accredited as an independent TSO (Transmission System Operator) by the European Union and carries out its activities in eight countries. In Spain, Enagás is the Technical Manager...

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Our products and services

We have a wide range of LNG, transmission and underground storage services permanently at the disposal of our customers’ needs. Enagás’ Services and infrastructures catalogue provides detailed information about all the services we offer at our infrastructures. As the Technical Manager of the Spanish Gas System, we are responsible for the...

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Our people

Enagás is a team of over 1,300 professionals who share the same challenges and tackle them in the same way: with experience, enthusiasm and with proven good new energy. Having a motivated and committed workforce as Enagás does plays a key part in meeting our targets. This is why Enagás offers a positive environment to attract and retain talent,...

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Company Data
Size of the organisation> 1000 employees
LocationMadrid, Spain
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