Siemens Digital Factory, Congleton

Platinum Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Manufacturing sector
Our Lean Journey

As a contract manufacturer, one of the key results for our Customer stakeholder, Siemens Germany, is our VAM (Value Add) productivity savings. Our target, set by Siemens Germany, is 5.5% year on year VAM savings. Through the approaches outlined in our Business Improvement Framework and the culture of excellence we promote (for example through...

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Junior Factory

Launched in 2013 after recognising the need to harness and develop talent for the future of Siemens Congleton, the Junior Factory is a factory within a factory and managed completely by the entry level talent (graduates and apprentices). The Junior Factory supplies a sub assembly to the main factory high volume production lines and is...

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Visualising our Strategy

To ensure its success, our 2020 strategy needs to reach out and include everyone. Our Mission, Vision and Values are clearly displayed across the site and through our 3 strategic walls, we communicate the Congleton 2020 Strategy. We have 10 strategic themes, each with its own defined colour and logo to help ‘signpost’ and align the different...

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“Our journey towards Excellence began with the introduction of a Total Quality program back in 1993 and our commitment to continuous improvement remains just as important today as it was back then. ‘Being better today than we were yesterday’ is at the heart of everything we do here at Congleton and the key to harnessing this desire, commitment and passion has been our application of the EFQM excellence model.” Andrew Peters, Managing Director
What defines us.
Together, as a great team we deliver unrivalled innovation and value to our customers.
Together, as an integrated agile location, we will understand and anticipate customer needs to drive an optimised end to end value chain delivering sustainable growth.
Siemens 4 core values are Innovative, Excellent, Responsible and Zero Harm. The Congleton Ownership culture defined by these 4 values is underpinned by the following set of 8 behaviours:

Respect: We care about each other, have a positive family spirit; we treat others how we would expect to be treated and make everyone feel valued

Focus: Through collaboration we see the bigger picture and don’t just focus on our own areas

Initiative & Execution: We are adventurous, creative and experiment to learn, we support FAIL: First Attempt is Learning

Bold, Decisive & Courageous: We are passionate and determined to do what is right; we are empowered to challenge and change

Siemens Matters: We align and make decisions in the best interests of Siemens as we are one business with common goals

Motivate & Engage: We work together and are proud of what we do, inviting contribution and ideas from others

Empowerment & Trust; Help to empower and build trust between each other

Honesty, Openness & Collaboration; We have time to think and reflect to innovate and learn. We communicate and encourage open and honest feedback
Our core business

Established in 1971, we design, manufacture and provide technical support for variable speed drives used to control electrical motors. Our drives are sold in 78 countries with 98% of our products shipped to a central distribution centre in Germany. From there, they are exported globally for use in a wide range of motor control applications, for...

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Our products and services

We have a team of R&D engineers in Congleton working as part of the worldwide Motion Control (MC) R&D organisation covering all aspects of product design; we are responsible for manufacturing variable speed drives ranging from 0.12kW to 18.5Kw and a wide range of options to accompany the drives e.g. control units; and our Customer...

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Our people

We currently employ around 530 people which includes 120 agency staff. Our open culture encourages ideas and innovation and with 98% employee participation in our suggestion scheme, we have achieved sustained productivity gains of around 6% year on year. Our employees are at the heart of everything we do here at Congleton where ownership...

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Company Data
Size of the organisationBetween 250 & 1000 employees
LocationCongleton, Cheshire, United Kingdom
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