Bronze Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Services sector
Our insertion levels

Acción Laboral, an entity created in 2002, although it has its headquarters in Valladolid, it has national representation in more than 14 Autonomous Communities.

We are a national entity, the only national entity declared of public utility. We have executed more than 128 employment programs with more than 15,000 users attended and...

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Pioneers in programmes

Acción Laboral count on more than 2200 m2 of classrooms for training, accrediting more than 630,000 training hours, with 43 approved classrooms and more than 130 teaching experts in the different subjects taugh, aimed at training for employment, we are a reference entity at the national level.

In 2007 we have been pioneers in the...

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Towards excellence

Work aimed towards the pursuit of excellence keeps us alert and looking for innovative ideas from the year 2014 in which we started working on this line, we elaborated our first Strategic Plan based on this premise. Since 2015 we have maintained our EFQM label and continue working on the model, proof of it are our achieved results.

COMMITTED TO THE COMPANY through, Our Commitment to the people, our reason for being are the groups at risk of labor exclusion, immigrants, disabled, long-term unemployed, women, over 45 ... We train people to improve their employability. Our Commitment to Labor Insertion, we develop information, motivation, counseling, cross-training and insertion, job market prospecting, offer transfer, job monitoring and accompaniment in the selection process. Committed to training, our training programs for workers offer companies real plans tailored to their needs that provide the necessary skills to their workers through a highly specialized training. In line with our organizational policy, we have committed ourselves to the environment, to equality opportunity norms and non-discrimination on grounds of sex. We have established our values ​​oriented towards excellence.
What defines us.
To be a national company, in services oriented to solutions in human resources, training and placement, both for individuals and for companies. Our objective is to maintain a sustained and balanced growth for our company in accordance with the needs of our public and private clients and the services we provide, maintaining a transparent approach towards society and partners, seeking a sustainable balance between people needs and collaborators that take part in our organization, which we briefly call Shared Success.
GRI's mission focuses on working with individuals and public and private organizations to facilitate adaptation to changes arising from the evolution of the labor market and the society. We transform these changes into opportunities for companies' growth and for professional development of workers, providing the necessary tools for the companies and, for workers, with sufficient skills to be and feel part of their success.
Client Orientation: We work to achieve the satisfaction of our internal and external clients, adapting our services to their needs, offering to each one a personalized treatment and managing their expectations in order to help them to achieve their goals.
Results Orientation: we work to achieve the objectives of our projects and the profitability for our clients.
People: We bet on a team of people and collaborators proud to belong to the organization. A good working climate is a winning formula.
Honesty: It is fundamental in the projects we develop, we believe and promote transparency as one of the primary values to achieve the best results in our collaborations.
Innovation: We offer innovative solutions taking advantage of the creativity of our people, which differentiates us from the competition.
Flexibility: We have the flexibility to adapt our company to the requirements of our stakeholders in a global, dynamic, changing and competitive environment.
Searching for Excellence: We optimize our processes in order to offer better services every day. The satisfaction of our customers (internal and external) is our biggest reason to be proud of.
Commitment to Society: We contribute to the development of people and companies through our services of quality and value of people, their capabilities and skills.
Communication: We prepare our internal and external communication plan before starting each project, issuing clear messages to ensure the success of our services.
Our core business

Our core business focuses on three pillars:

-Employment programmes
-Training focused on special certain groups
-European Projects Management

These are detailed in the following question.

Our products and services

Acción Laboral (AL) is a public utility entity. Acción Laboral is a non-profit organization whose scope extends to the entire state. Its name, Acción Laboral (platform for the implementation of labor inclusion programmes for underprivileged groups), indicates its main activity, always oriented to the labor insertion and the relocation, through...

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Our people

More than 100 employemnt experts, with experience in Employment, Guidance, Insertion and Training programs. Our staff is a driving force, our human resources policies are focused on leadership and innovation.

Our Human Resources plan outlines the strategies to be followed on each step and allows us to maintain and improve human...

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Company Data
Size of the organisation< 250 employees
LocationValladolid, Spain
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