Pierburg S.A.

Gold Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Automotive sector
Strategic Thinking

This process, leaded by a representative wide team of the organization, is a key approach to ensure across-the-board alignment of the whole organization, to manage change and to develop our leaders within the organization, thereby promoting strategic leadership.


The leadership deployed in Pierburg S.A. is characterized by a high degree of people development and participation, flexibility, change management and the pursuit of Business Excellence.

Our people

Our aim is to have competent, committed and content people. The corporate culture of continuous improvement and knowhow is rooted in the sense of belonging of our people, which is considered one of the main assets of the company.


Pierburg S.A. has developed a model of management by mini-factories (mF) which devolves responsibility for decision making and production to cross-functional teams, thereby promoting cross-cutting and shared leadership as part of a system of continuous improvement among our people.

6S & Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

Pierburg S.A. has rolled out the methodology of 5S+Safety (6S) as an element of one of our PSL. The active participation of all our people in the deployment and use of this approach is key in this approach.
Since 2008, the maintenance of our means of production and buildings has been performed using the TPM system. This approach is also...

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Technological leaders

Part of the Pierburg S.A. value proposition, and one of the factors which distinguishes us from other plants of the Pierburg Group and from our competitors, is the capacity of Pierburg Systems to design and construct our own assembly lines, implementing all the required technologies to develop our processes. This includes our capability to...

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In 2004 we identified the need of guiding our continuous improvement efforts through one systematic approach. We concluded that EFQM Excellence Model provided the most complete and objective methodology to lead the continuous improvement in all the functions of the company. Since then, we have used the EFQM model as framework for our strategic thinking and our guide towards excellence. The fact that the model was not prescriptive provided us the flexibility that we needed to improve the organization respecting our singularities.
What defines us.
By 2020, Pierburg S.A. hopes to:
- achieve sales of €220M;
- be recognised by customers and Society alike;
- develop our processes using smart technology;
- provide optimum solutions and quality (5ppm) to our customers;
- be recognised by our stakeholders as a company that generates value, is highly reliable and is a respected partner.
In Pierburg S.A., we aspire to Excellence through the sustainable development and engagement of all our people, we will be the reference organisation in our environment, in the Pierburg Group and the first choice for our customers on account of our quality, service and capacity to industrialise.
Dedication & effort: We set ourselves ambitious targets and make an effort to deliver them.
Quality is the top priority: We do a “good job”.
Results oriented: We stablish systems to measure and compare results in relation to indicators with specific and measurable target values and propose changes to improve the system.
Customer oriented: We take personal responsibility for meeting customer needs.
Innovation: We question conventional methods and adapt ourselves to new environmental circumstances.
Honesty: We communicate our intentions, ideas and feelings in an open and direct manner, acting with integrity.
Our core business

Pierburg S.A. manufactures components for the automotive industry which reduce levels of fuel consumption and pollutant emissions. Our main processes and products are machining and assembly of Exhaust gas recirculation valves and Secondary Air valves with integrated calibration, adjusting and functional tests.

Our products and services

Exhaust gas recirculation valves reduce nitrogen oxide emission in combustion engines by lowering the combustion temperature and reducing the oxygen content in the intake air.
Secondary Air Systems reduce emission during cold starts in gasoline engines by injecting secondary air into the exhaust gas manifold which initiates the...

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Our people

Our 460 employees in 2016, distributed in 60% male and 40% female, manage our holding companies Pierburg S.A., Pierburg Systems & Pierburg Gestión, supported by an academic technical/university degree of 57% of the overall population, with an average age of 43 years and 14 years average permanency in our organization.

Company Data
Size of the organisationBetween 250 & 1000 employees
LocationAbadiano, Spain
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