AGDAS, Adapazari Gaz Dagitim A.S.

Gold Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Energy sector
AGDAS Customer Satisfaction Survey

We conduct a collabrative study with Business Administration Department academicians at Sakarya University in 2015. In this study we aimed to specify customer dynamics for natural gas distribution sector in a customer satisfaction survey. Our study was published international journal called Business & Management Studies: An International...

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Area Portioning System

We developed area portioning system for meter reading the purpose of decreasing operational expenses and increasing customer satisfaction . We are the first practitioner company. Savings we have achived for operational expenses, lots of distribution company requested benchmarking and they established the system for their own companies.

Great Place to Work in Turkey

In area of activity we are the first company which is selected Great Place to Work in Turkey through Great Place to Work Company which is determining great places to work of countries based on the implementations; recuitment and integrating, inspiring, informing, listening, estimating, overextending, regarding and team spirit.

Polyvalance System

Evaluating employee qualification and specifying education needs we use polyvalence tables. Polyvalence tables are integrated with our HR Portal as department/position/employee.

Thematic Map Project

In 2016, a thematic map project was carried out in our geographic information system. With this project, the buildings are seen Location of the buildings of request-approved customers colored on the map. Three different colors show the stage in which the client's request and the operations are done with ease. In addition, this system integrates...

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Local Gas Stopple Project

The gas stopple project, which we started with the cooperation of Sakarya University in 2016, is one of the important R & D projects of the sector with the approval of EPDK. Given that the amount paid for the gas stopple used in the sector is 18 million euros until the end of 2016, it is expected that this project, which aims to develop the...

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We've started EFQM excellence journey with dreaming change management, innovation and better quality. Today, attained business agility, the systems that we developed for our people and its effectivity, strong corporate communication, increasing customer satisfaction, decreasing customer grievance and convalescent society perception shows us that we are on the right road.
What defines us.
Being inspiring leading company for all stakeholders which provides all services.
Providing environmentally friendly, nonstop and safe natural gas supply through prioritizing innovation to benefit to all stakeholders
*Innovativity: Our goal is always to be leading company in the industry, therefore we are developing and implementing innovations.
*Reliability: Performing our mission consistently and to secure people at the highest level.
*Customer oriented: To respond to all customer demand and ensure their satisfaction. We are always ready if they need help.
*Sustainable Development: We have built a company structure that can respond to today's and future demand.
* Being Beneficial for Society: We are a company aware of social responsibility. We regularly attend social aid events in our region.
*Participation: We are setting up the idea sharing environment with our employees at maximum level.
Our core business

Adapazarı Natural Gas Distribution Inc., which was founded by Adapazarı Municipality in December 21 1993, became a certified natural gas distributer in Sakarya with legislation by Council of Ministers in 1995. AGDAS became a part of ERDEM GROUP after its denationalization by Adapazarı Metropolitan Municipality in 2003 and the first...

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Our products and services

AGDAS manages investment activities on site according to designated technical spesifications that are distributed to suppliers and control on site. Also operational acitivities regarding to gas distribution maintenance of gas transmission lines, customer services manages by AGDAS.

Our people

Core success factor of our business is Every AGDAS employee is a superior value management mentality. With this mentality we create business areas for our people which is they can freely express their ideas and communicate their leaders easily. We support their social life with some activities together and individual also we support their career...

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Company Data
Size of the organisation< 250 employees
LocationSakarya, Turkey
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features utility and oil and gas organisation both creation and distribution

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