Ufa State Petroleum Technological University

Gold Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Education sector
Alumni Association of the USPTU

USPTU protects the professional interests of the alumni, supports their career growth. USPTU consolidates alumni potential for their personal development, the development of the University, the country's economy and scientific progress around the world with the help of the alumni Association of USPTU.To this purpose the Association launched a...

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Centres of excellence

USPTU is developing a system of Centres of excellence, whose task is the integrated potential of the leading scientists and specialists from Russia and around the world for the development of perspective scientific and technical directions. At the same time, provide for mandatory involvement of students in centers projects

Complex support of partner companies

USPTU is committed to provide comprehensive support for partner companies, which includes the development, implementation and improvement of products and technologies, technological and business processes and systems, training, retraining and future training of specialists necessary for this


USPTU studies and implements the best practices of the partners and competitors, as well as the best practices of their units for all activities. Including for this University staff are actively involved in various activities aimed at exchange of experiences, such as conferences, forums, participate in professional societies and participate as...

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Project-based learning

Project-based learning is key educational technology developed at USPTU. In this direction USPTU is actively developing international cooperation, particularly in February 2017 at the initiative of the USPTU formed the international consortium “ Project-based learning - Models of internationalization inf Higher Education integrated with Business...

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Application international standards

The application of international standards and models of management is regarded USPTU as an important element of comparison of their activities with the best practices. So USPTU certified in the international certification body for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Since 2011 USPTU being regularly evaluated in National partner organization...

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There are activities that do not bring immediate benefits, but they are important for the long term, as for the image, and for the development of the University. Implementation of the advanced approaches to management, participation in competitions in the field of excellence and the EFQM recognition refers to such strategically important activities. It would be very far-sighted not to take this into account Rector USPTU Ramil Bakhtizin
What defines us.
The flagship of the innovative development of oil and gas, construction sectors and services relying on the unity of the triad “education – science – production
Recognized multidisciplinary research and educational center, forming a harmonious personality, capable of intellectual, moral and physical development, preservation, generation and dissemination of competencies to the progressive development of Russia
1 Respect for stakeholders– every employee USPTU working to increase the satisfaction of internal and external stakeholders.
2 Ethical conduct–every employee and student of USPTU is honest and fair towards themselves and others.
3 Continuous improvement – sustainable development USPTU and confidence in the future of his team based on continuous improvement of all activities, products and services and the cultivation of each employee
Our core business

USPTU is a scientific and educational complex of the Federal significance, focused primarily on the energy and construction sector and the service sector. For more than 65 years of its history USPTU produced more than 85 thousand specialists with higher education, including nearly 2,000 people from 70 foreign countries

Our products and services

Training programs at all levels of higher education and doctoral studies, additional education services, research and development work, design and engineering research, scientific, expert and consulting services and pilot production

Our people

USPTU has about 3.5 thousand employees, over 1,000 of which are teaching staff. Of these, more than 600 candidates and 160 doctors of Sciences, chairing and participating in the development of more than a dozen leading scientific schools of Russia. Representatives of USPTU are regularly awarded with state and industry awards.

Company Data
Size of the organisation> 1000 employees
LocationUfa, Russia
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