Colegio San Mateo Apóstol

Bronze Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Education sector
Academic Achievement

The school is characterized by a high level of academic performance in the students, they are very discipline and school promotes study methods and study habits to get the best results in internal and external tests. Our graduated students also show excellent results at the main universities in our country and abroad.

Saber 11...

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Bilingual Education

San Mateo Apóstol was founded as a bilingual school; it has always had subjects taught in English to develop main skills. The results in the standardized exams have always been outstanding

During the school year a Satisfaction Survey is answered by the members of the community (students, teachers and parents) about different...

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Catholic Faith

The school has as the base of the education all the catholic principles that guide the daily activities in our community . Catholic education is the cornerstone of the preparation of the student and families in the school.

The following graphics show the perception that different interest groups haveabout this aspect:

Community Service

The school is a training place to experience the values that identify our community as Catholics. Through various efforts relate to the students in the knowledge and appreciation of the message of the Gospel, participating in the rites and Eucharistic celebrations of the Catholic Church, in the awareness of the importance of service to others,...

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Since its founding, the School established a focused on the values-based institutional philosophy with an emphasis on religious and moral education under the guidance of the Catholic Church to foster a comprehensive training in children and young people.
These values have historically been: honesty, commitment, autonomy and solidarity.

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International Certifications

The EFQM term stands for European Foundation for Quality Management. The EFQM is a reference at European level. Its mission is to provide a way, both public institutions and private companies for the self-assessment and the determination of the improvement processes.
San Mateo began the process in 2004, being certified in the...

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Our core business

Our core business is to educate K to 12 boys and girls towards excellence and ethics.

Our products and services

San Mateo Apóstol School is a private co-educational institution, with the school year beginning in August. We impart a completely bilingual education but most importantly, we instill moral values where the Catholic religion plays a crucial role. It’s been almost 35 years already since we started working to prepare leaders who can analyze,...

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Our people

School has about 200 employees. Administrative and directive staff is about 30 people. Teachers 80, 4 psychologists, 3 therapists, 32 bus drivers and supervisors and 9 maintenance employees.

Company Data
Size of the organisation< 250 employees
LocationBogotá, Colombia
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