Volt Elektrik Motor Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.

Bronze Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Manufacturing sector

Production area of 45,000 m² state-of-art production technology,Current production of 640,000 motors per year with the latest automated production concepts, 13,000 m² expansion in 2015. High quality standards and highly skilled staff.


IE1,IE2,IE3,IE4 motors available with various options and modifications. Product line goes from 0.12 kW -200 kW in 63 to 315 frame size with IEC Specifications. Standard and specialized motors up to 3 kW in 63 to 100 frame size with IEC specifications.

Electrical Perform.Value SPECIAL PURPOSE

Break Motors, Pump Motors, Single- and Tree-phase, Oven Motor, Milking Machine Motor, Single-phase, Fan Motor, Washing Machine Motor, Industry ,Cooler Fan Motor


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VOLT‘S Advantages

- Short delivery time 6-8 weeks, Reliable quality +50 years of experience, Ability of product design by using the latest technology, State-of-Art production facility in Izmir, Turkey, Top sales and technical support for OEM’s and distributors, Multilingual headquarters and warehouse, Continuous development of new products, Meeting customer...

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Vision- To be a globally sustainable role model in the motor industry
Mission- To be one of the top 10 player in the EMEA market before 2023
Values- Professionalism, Innovation, Integrity, Sustainability

We have brought a new approach to sustainability in the sector with TURQUALITY and EFQM. As a Volt motor, we are effective and efficient in business processes and in order to make it sustainable; We continue our journey of excellence in the leadership of Turquality and Kal-Der. We recognised for excellence 3 stars in 2015. Firstly, we want to get recognised for excellence 4 stars and we will get EFQM awards in the near future. Our aim is to become the first brand whic is comes to mind in the name of electric motor in Turkey.
What defines us.
To be a globally sustainable role model in the motor industry
To be one of the top 10 player in the EMEA market before 2023
Honesty in Relations- We believe in honesty in our relations with our partners.
Customer oriented- Being customer oriented is our business model
Keep promises- We only promise if we can kept the promise
Growing Together- Growth of our partners have the same significance as our growth
Feedback- Feedback is inevitable responsibility for all our colleague
Enviromental Friendy- We manufacture in enviromentally responsible manner
Dignity- Trustful relations are our must
Our core business

Electric Motors

Our products and services

High quality motors in IE3 & IE4 efficiency class.
Advanced level research and development.

Our people

571 Employees- 25 Engineer, 47 White Collar, 499 Blue Collar
We employ the personnel WHO will bring our group to the future, WHO is in accordance with corporate culture, WHO is qualified and has the improvement potential, with the principle of equal oppurtunity.

Company Data
Size of the organisationBetween 250 & 1000 employees
LocationIzmir, Turkey
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