ADRIA MOBIL, d.o.o. Novo mesto

Gold Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Manufacturing sector
European Innovation Award for Caravanning Industry (EU)

The European Innovation Award, mentored by editors of Europe’s leading caravanning countries, represents the scope of innovation throughout the industry – a business dedicated to leisure quality that millions of people enjoy with passion. Adria Mobil has won this award three times; in 2017 we won the EIA award for interior design in Sonic...

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König Kunde Award (D)

The König Kunde award is presented by Reisemobil International, one of the most renowned magazines in the European caravanning industry. The award is given upon the votes of end-users, who evaluated product performance upon eight different criteria. Adria Mobil won the König Kunde award six times in a row, constantly finishing in the overall...

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Owner Satisfaction Award (UK)

Adria's products are well accepted on the UK market as well – also in 2017 our products won this important award, which is given on the basis of customer reviews by the members of the Camping and Caravaning Club and readers of Practical Caravans and Practical Motorhomes magazines. Adria products won the Owner Satisfaction Award in three...

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PRSPO – highest national award for excellence

The Business Excellence Prize of the Republic of Slovenia (hereinafter referred to as "PRSPO") is the highest recognition given by the Republic of Slovenia within the national quality program for the achievements in the field of quality of products and services, as well as the quality of business excellence as a result of the development of...

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Kampeerauto van het jaar 2016 (NL)

Winning an award on one of the most developed caravanning markets has a special meaning; the award is presented by the NKC, the Netherlands camping club (Nederlandse Kampeerauto Club) and in 2016 Adria's motorhome Compact Plus SL won this prestigious award in the category of semi integrated motorhomes.

"Fight for green“– Tour of Slovenia 2017 (SLO)

In its 24th edition the Tour of Slovenia cycling race was for the first time in history broadcasted on Eurosport, one of the leading sport channels in Europe. Adria Mobil Cycling Team, who is the organizer of the race, together with the company Adria Mobil, Slovenian Tourist Board and other partners made possible that the race itself and...

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"Today Adria brand name is among the most recognized on the European caravanning market. Being able to reach this point and remain among the top performing brands is the result of leadership focused on people, who are the key asset of Adria Mobil. We are aware of the importance of each individual employee on the path to our common goal. We are also aware of the importance of building partnership relations with our suppliers, our distributors and other shareholders. We are aware of the importance of knowledge, building it and passing it on to the next generation. We are aware of the importance of innovations, both in terms of product development and constant process improvements. We are aware of our social responsibility towards people and the planet. And last but not least – we are aware that constant change is the only path forward and that is why we remain open for new ideas and challenges, through which we try to improve our products and services, ourselves and our environment.”
What defines us.
The vision of Adria Mobil is long-term growth and development of the company with the goal of remaining one of the leading global manufacturers and providers of leisure products and services
Adria Mobil's products are designed to offer the best experience for active holidays with companies’ mission - partner for leisure time.
"Integrity - We are truthful, we value honest and frequent feedback"

Values are the main theme of Adria's success; they are the bond between people – employees as well as customers; they provide a unique competitive advantage and added value to the Adria brand. Our key values are:
• Team work – People who trust, respect and help each other in order to reach a common goal.
• Know-how and innovativeness – We value new ideas in order to improve our products, upgrade our knowledge, re-set our worldview.
• Satisfaction of our customers and employees – Because one cannot exist without the other.
Our core business

The core business of Adria Mobil is the development, production and sales of caravans, motorhomes and mobile homes. By offering a full range of services, constantly coming up with new innovations and adapting the products to customer needs, the company maintains a competitive advantage, while the Adria brand name is among the most recognizable...

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Our products and services

With more than 50 years of experience Adria Mobil has extensively developed it's know-how in the field of design and development of recreational vehicles. Cutting through product complexity, where each unit is assembled from more than five thousand elements, we take special pride in the quality and design of our products, which are developed...

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Our people

The Adria Mobil company currently employs more than 930 people while the Adria Mobil group, consisting of eleven daughter companies, employs more than 1.600 people in Slovenia and abroad. Being aware that employees are the driving force and ambassadors of Adria Mobil's success we are certified as a family friendly company, we continuously run...

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Company Data
Size of the organisationBetween 250 & 1000 employees
LocationNovo mesto, Slovenia
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