Gold Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Healthcare sector
Collaborative Mutual Insurance Society with the Social Security Institute, nº15. We are a private non-profit free association of entrepreneurs formed by people who take care of workers’ health belonging to our associated companies
What defines us.
"Be the best Labour Health suppliers in Spain"
"To optimize the occupational health of our insured workers through an effective and rapid prevention or cure, and to administer the legally assigned economic benefits"
- Commitment: " Willpower and permanent effort of each employee"
- Respect: "We maintain professional relationships based on manners, dignity, equity, confidentiality, collaboration and teamwork"
- Reliability: "We are reliable and we have positive expectations about the behaviour of people"
- Responsibility: "We assume the consequences of our actions and decisions"

Our greatest strength is the implementation of a management model based on Total Quality which We call the Model of Excellence (MEX).
Our core business

Healthcare and insurance

Our products and services

The purpose of Collaborative Mutual Societies with the Social Security Institute is the development of the following activities of the Social Security System through collaboration with the Ministry of Employment and Social Security:
Management of financial assistance and healthcare, including rehabilitation, within the scope of...

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Our people

umivale is the result of the merging of 22 predecessor organizations during more than 110 years. We are part of the Strategic Collaborative Alliance, Suma Intermutual together with Mutua Montañesa, MAZ, Mutua Navarra, Egarsat and Mutua Balear.

Company Data
Size of the organisationBetween 250 & 1000 employees
LocationValencia, Spain
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