Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education

Silver Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Education sector
NMAPE is one of the most important scientific and medical centers of Ukraine.

The Academy has a great scientific potential: out of approximately 800 research and educational
staff members there are 245 MD, Drs. Sc. and 455 MD, PhDs, among them 175 full professors and more than 280 associate professors. Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education has 25 scientific schools; four
new schools are...

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NMAPE is a base coordinator for public health in Ukraine.

Annually, 30-50 foreign delegations attend the Academy and over 70 academics of our institution visit foreign countries on official mission to participate in scientific and educational
events and hold joint trainings and master classes.
Leading scientists from Germany, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Great Britain have the status of...

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The Academy consists of 5 faculties, 3 research and training institutes, 5 educational and medical centers, 81 departments, 11 specialized academic boards.

There are 25,000 students, about 3, 000 internship doctors, clinical residents, postgraduate and doctoral students, among whom 300 foreign citizens representing almost 50 countries.

The new forms of education including webinars, electronic textbooks and distance education technologies are practiced

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The Simulation Training Center started its work.

This is a joint project of NMAPE and international partners who are manufacturers of medical equipment.
The mission of the Center is to improve the quality of postgraduate training and continuous professional development of doctors and junior medical specialists, as well as other healthcare workers, paramedics and representatives

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There are more than 200 clinical sites where 110,000 patients are treated per annum, including more than 20,000 in inpatient form.

Diagnostic and treatment work at the Academy is carried out by more than 700 academic staff members of 71 departments
and by physicians of 2 academic hospitals: Dental Practical and Training Medical Center and Ukrainian State Institute of Reproductology.
The patients receiving medical care, as a rule, belong to very complicated...

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In 2017 NMAPE joined Magna Charta Universitatum. Over the past 2 years, NMAPE signed 18 agreements with international organizations and institutes.

NMAPE is a member of about 40 international organizations, including the World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA), International Academy of Science and Higher Education (IASHE), International Informatization Academy (IIA) etc.
Over the centuries of its existence, NMAPE has become the leading medical school in Ukraine in postgraduate...

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Modern medical education includes not only pregraduate and postgraduate training, but also continuous professional development, which is considered as an independent education. To provide Ukrainian and foreign doctors with the organization of postgraduate education on the principle of «education through life» is the main objective of NMAPE activity.
What defines us.
A leader in the field of medical education, oriented towards the training of specialists, complying with the requirements of the world’s best practices in providing the national health.
Research and higher education institution, which implements the educational activity through science, practice and innovations.
The academy is headed by the team of outstanding leaders, who have succeeded at providing its sustained growth in rough conditions, and demonstrate a responsible and creative approach to performing duties by their personal example.
Thanks to the leaders’ efforts, corporative culture is evolving within the academy, which encourages its staff to improve their activities, seek for creativity, perform duties responsibly.
The academy and leaders’ recognized authority enables to form a massive partnership framework among the leading healthcare and academic institutions, engage the key leaders in the field aiming for collaboration.
Educational and scientific activities of the academy are based on a powerful effect-oriented component. A vast framework of clinical bases, providing the opportunities for practical approbation of scientific developments, and acquisition of practical skills by learners/interns, serve as the background for this system.
The academy majorly contributes to the development of the healthcare system of Ukraine overall, and medical education in particular, by its participation in the regulatory framework development and spreading of own knowledge throughout the professional society.
The academy is dynamically working towards the development and implementation of brand new products and solutions, which offers to the consumers of educational services (both in terms of new educational courses and modern methods of teaching)
New management approaches get applied to the academy’s practices and process management or risk management in particular.
Our core business


Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (NMAPE) is one of the first educational and research medical institutions founded in Ukraine. Nearly a century has passed since then and it was a time of the hard work of scientists, physicians, and educators who were famous in Ukraine and beyond.

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The Academy in Modern Times
In 2017 NMAPE joined Magna Charta Universitatum.
NMAPE is a base coordinator for public health in Ukraine.
The Academy consists of 5 faculties, 3 re­search and training institutes, 5 educational and medical centers, 81 departments, 11 specialized academic boards.
There are 25,000 students,...

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Our people

There are 800 faculty members incl. 175 full professors, 245 MD, Drs. Sc., and 455 MD, PhDs.

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Size of the organisation> 1000 employees
LocationKyiv, Ukraine
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