153 Istanbul IBB

Bronze Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Public sector
IBB 153 İstanbul ensures İstanbul and people live in İstanbul to string along with different kind of situations coordinately and ensures the resumption of metropol life and provides service to citizens with “solution gets started when you called” motto. In the direction of this motto, the strategic target that we defined for our institution is 1543. This target as being the number 1 of the city is to give solution to citizens 3 times faster with 4 times more requests in 5 years.
What defines us.
Local management of brand city that makes life easier by sustained and innovative solution and provides global values for city planning and civilization.
Presenting services which will meet the needs that didnt show up properly with 21. century’s local management understanding and sustaining cultural identity of city by perfecting municipal services with institutional understanding.
Justice, Confidence, Productivity, Quality, Participation
Leadership, Transparent

Our core business

IBB ALO 153 Call Center,began to serve for a complaint resolution center regarding municipal services with a team of 6 people in 1994. IBB ALO 153 is one of the first call center and the first municipal call center in Turkey.

Our products and services

IMM Istanbul Metropolitan citizens within the boundaries of Istanbul to 15 million inhabitants and 10 million tourists per year with any kind of claims, complaints and applications for assistance has been reached a single touch point under number 153 for IMM by the unit 125 in the year of 2015.
In conjunction with this project that will...

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Our people

The total number of employees is 672 people. 43% of employees graduated from universities. Additionally, %3 of employees studied for master degree.

Company Data
Size of the organisationBetween 250 & 1000 employees
LocationIstanbul, Turkey
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