Hirslanden Lausanne (Cliniques Cecil et Bois-Cerf)

Bronze Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Healthcare sector
First hybrid operating room in West Switzerland

Operating room used both by interventional radiologists and heart or vascular surgeons. An interventional radiologic unit and a classic operating room all in one.

What defines us.
to be the leader in the region, widely recognised as such, and first choice for patients and doctors
keep the patient in the heart of everything
competence, respect, innovation, patient first
Our core business

Acute care private clinic

Our products and services

main businesses are cardiology and heart surgery, intensive care, visceral sugery, gynecology, orthopedics, ophtalmology, oncology and radio oncology, thoracic and neuro surgery

Our people

engaged and motivated, proud and happy

Company Data
Size of the organisationBetween 250 & 1000 employees
LocationLausanne, Switzerland
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